The Token Has Spoken

"I have chosen not to decide - yet."

Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton must be the only woman in America who doesn’t know if she’s running for President in 2016.

“If you don’t represent women in politics in America as a future president, who will?” whined a female University of California, Berkeley student.  Clinton said she appreciated the sentiment but was still deciding.  Oh pul-eeze.

Except for the fact she’s a woman, why would 4 out of 5 Democrats say they favor her as a candidate?  Don’t they realize she’s just one more clunker in the Bush-Cheney-McCain-Obama line of American interventionist politicians?  The only thing that makes her different is blonder hair and a harder ass when it comes time to flex our military muscle in the world.

She’s favored our attacks on Libya, Yemen, and Iraq and supports our occupation of Afghanistan.  Hasn’t America had enough of this shit?

“Ooooooh she’s a woman!”

So what?  “Tokenism” should go out with Obama.  There are plenty of Black people who are disappointed in him.  These mints are one sweet example.

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