“The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!”


I’m getting really bored with neo-nasty alarmists trying to get everyone up in arms over baloney.  I read many papers-on-line and saw some very strange comments last week from people who are walking around without taking their medications.

One goofus said Obama might really be working for Osama Bin Laden!  Another knew O was a part of a world conspiracy by showing a graduation photo with him giving some “secret handshake”.  One said he was the Anti-Christ.  Many redirected their accusations from O to Muslims in America who are trying to wipe us all out because we’re “infidels”.  Some suggested we put Muslims in detention camps ala the Japanese in WWII. And most believe that ‘political correctness’ is a huge cover-up by the government and the media to hide this whole “Marxist-Muslim-One World Government conspiracy”.

I’m glad these people don’t believe in political correctness because now I can name them for what they truly are: alarmist whack-jobs.

These are chicken clones of the same dimwits who warned us against communists and fluoride in the ‘50’s, the collapse of America’s moral order in the ‘60’s, the complete wiping out of the human race from Aids by the year 2000, millions of kids kidnapped for Satanic rituals and kiddie porn and ‘End-of-the-World’ predictions by Biblical prophecies and Nostradamus.  Did any of these things ever happen?  Certainly we could document some cases for each example but REAL threats that might have toppled America?  C’mon!

So now – before everyone hides under their beds to protect themselves from crazed Islamic terrorists running through the streets killing everyone in sight, let’s take a deep breath of rational reality.

Are there nut fringes of Islam?  Of course.  They probably account for 1 or 2% of that religion.  Probably pretty much the same percentage of Christians who murder abortion doctors and start “Christian” sects of their own like David Koresh and Jim Jones.

Does the Koran declare a holy war on infidels?  Sure – outdated sections of the book thousands of years old, when “infidels” were in the minority.  Kind of like passages from our own Old Testament which demand stoning to death of adulterers, no beards shaved, and permission to have slaves. Only a few nuts believe this junk today.

Will there be isolated terrorist attacks against which we can do nothing?  Sadly, yes. In a country of over 350-million people, we’re probably lucky we didn’t have more from all extremists.  And yes, we should be vigilant and security conscious.  But we shouldn’t be afraid of “bogeymen” falling from the sky who exist only in the minds of whackjobs.

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  1. Bill says:

    Irrational fear has become the norm for America. Witness the legions of parents taking their children out for trick or treating. Afraid the boogeyman will snatch the kids. Totally nuts, but try telling that to Mom and Dad.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Well Halloween is probably the only day in the year kids are out there protected by their parents. But something has gone terribly awry in this country. Just a few year ago we heard of the FIRST child being kidnapped from their own bedroom. PUBLICATION! Breeds repeat performances and unfortunately around here toe little girls went missing and since Clay County Fla pays Camden county Ga. to let them use their landfill in a very short time they found the little girls body in the landfill since the operators knew exactly where Clay counties trash went. I don’t think that bona fide whack job had the time to rape the little 7 yr old and then dump her before trash pick up time, and he’s still out there. What bothers me right now in this area is parents that DON’t watch their babies running the streets. The idea that “Satan made me do it!” SHEESH! That’s the cop out of all time. They seem to be wondering how the taliban got so strong so “Suddenly?” In Panama a guy that was working as my helper told me when he was Active duty His CO and him saw a VW coming up a marked off road fast as hell and the CO told him to light it up. It was man and his pregnant wife about to deliver and he was going like crazy to get her help. That kind of stuff makes two formerly neutral families, enemies. Bombing people by drones from nebraska controlled unmanned planes makes me wonder how many enemies we’ve made from hitting the wrong target. The amount of enemy would go up logarythmicly. I am amazed the Vietnamese don’t absolutely hate us except they won, and over 1/2 their poulation wasn’t born in 75. But there is no serious public discourse without a draft that involves senators sons. They are also exempt from the “Health bill- the congree is getting like royalty and I’m all for getting royalty the hell out of America, Again.

  3. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    By the way Bill-Hi, Sure wish it ’66 and had it all to do over again. See the boys pull a prophylactic over the I in RIGGS hall.

  4. Steve says:

    Listen to the radio ro watch tv for one day, count up how many ads also use fear to motivate. it can be very sublime. “Could germs in your kitchen be making you and your children sick?” (always helps to bring in kid safety). Even as sublime as “Winter weather is coming…snow, ice…you BETTER get your car checked, or buy a new furnace…you don’t wanna freeze to death..” and funny…THIS winter is ALWAYS the worst. “They say this coming winter will eb the worst one we’ve had in years”. Who says? Whose they? This country is deathly afraid of “They”. “Well, ya know, they say”. “Well, ya know, THEY want to destroy our way of life”. Whose they, and how are they going to destroy our way of life….what exactly, IS our way of life. I get up, go to work, come home, watch some tv or read, then go to bed…who the hell wants to destroy that?
    Beware of “They”…mean while, some of the “We” in this country…the banks, pharmas, and corporations are the ones killing our way of life. Al Quaeda didn’t foreclose on yuor home, Bin Laden didn’t deny your health coverage. Kalik Sheik Mohammed didn’t send your job to Singapore.
    I’m way more afraid of Wall St. than some guy in the desert yelling “Death to America”.
    Thanks, but no thanks, pal, we’re doing a fine job of killing this country ourselves…just hang out for a bit, and you won’t have to bomb anyone…you can watch US fuck it all up on our own…and hey, you shouldn’t be out in the desert sun without new Coppertone SPF 30 Sunscreen…now with aloe, it soothes…and PROTECTS.”

  5. Steve says:

    Anyone else catch a spot on CNN (The Comedy News Network).
    58 yr. old woman, works 4 (four) jobs….
    no health insurance. Can’t afford it.
    Oh, and she has diabetes.
    I know that will be me…I can see myself working 3 or 4 jobs, and still not being able to afford it. I know, in this country with it’s poison “food”, that it’s only a matter of time before I get cancer or diabetes…it’s unavoidable.
    Made me proud…and made me think…those damn terrorists (health insurance companies, the REAL terrorists)

  6. Steve says:

    Besides, FP, the world is going to end in 2012…have you seen the trailers for the movie..have you SEEN those special effects, that means it IS real. Just like, the new “Twilight” movies prove vampires and werewolves are real…because of the special effects and because they are so good-looking. Vampires aren’t ugly or have bad hair. That PROVES it. : – )
    CNN used footage today when they talked about 2012….it looked so real…it must be true, oh, and “2012” is in theaters now…CNN is now an ad agency for movies. It’s win-win, it’s all under the same corporate umbrella.

  7. Frank Paolo says:

    Well, good morning, Steve! You’ve started my day with a laugh – always nice.

  8. Steve says:

    Mornin’, FP.
    I basically go to the D&C to reccommend your post, then I just move on…I can’t even read the right wing posts on there anymore. They’ve goten ridiculous, and it just embarrasses/depresses me to know that I live in the same town/country as those people.

  9. Steve says:

    “To ignore those who want to destroy our way of life would be nothing more than putting our heads in the sand.”

    -When you get a chance, ask “oldprofessor” (I believe the “old” part)…WHAT exactly is this so called, “American way of life” and how in the world, with a population of over 300,000 million people, supposedly living this “way of life” is someone going to destroy it?
    Then ask him who is doing a better job of “destroying our way of life”, the “terrorists” or Wall St.?
    -Jeez, if I hear, “those who want to destory our way of life”….especially, if there is ANY country that is destroying people’s way of life…it’s America. I wonder if Iraqis are saying that America is destoying their way of life..hmm, before, they had jobs, water and electricity…not anymore….thanks, America.
    Hmm, I had a home, a school and a hospital,…but not anymore…yea, you could say our way of life has been destroyed…but not America, no, you just go on watching football and stuffing your faces, we PROMISE nto to destory YOUR way of life…no, heaven f**king forbid, that you shouldn’t be FREE to go to work, bitch about your job, whine about cable tv, complain about celebrities or have to work a couple extra hours at the ol’ office…No ,we promise not to destroy that. We promise not to destroy your right to NO healthcare, NO jobs, and home foreclosure. You argue about football teams while I pick my kids out of the rubble that used to be our home.
    You KEEP that “way of life”
    Do Conservatives even hear themselves!!!!?!?!

  10. Steve says:

    Our way of life.

    We’re born, we’re kids. Usually a fun period.
    We go to school (I don’t like school, I hate it)
    We graduate (finally) We go to college (Ugh, college, I hate it, I’m dropping out)
    We get a job (I hate my job, I don’t make enough, my boss is a jerk) We lose job.
    We would love health insurance, but we can’t afford it.
    We pay rent (Ugh, these bills). We buy a house, we lose a house. We date,we get married (Um, make that divorced, 52% rate) We have kids (they’re expensive, they’re brats, they’re on drugs, etc.)
    We get old, we get cancer, diabetes, lose our insurance, go brankrupt. A city floods, city dissappears. Bridges collapse. Credit card rates go up. Can’t afford heat in the winter, or AC in the summer. Cable’s out, nothing on anyway, 500 channels of shit. Crooked politicians, superficial media. “Where’s Balloon Boy?”
    Food is either junk or too expensive. We’re fat. We’re diabetic. We get cancer. We’re obnoxious, arrogant, stupid. We think wrestling is real.
    We have traffic, reality TV, bills we can’t pay, and people losing jobs, homes, healthcare. We pollute. We have the largest prison population. We make crack babies.
    If you don’t make at least $30 grand a year, you may as well stay in bed (if you have one). Suicide, alcoholism, drugs, infidelity, racism, chauvenism. While rich people LAUGH at you. Beauty Queens on the news, and Palin has a book out.
    Yeah, please Mr. Terrorist, please, Do NOT destroy THAT way of life.

  11. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Well Steve no one will ever accuse you of NOT getting irate over who through the crap in the paddle fan first. Does anyone remember just a year back when the “Tea PartY” was a protest that didn’t have a thing to do with one party that’s been there taking it over? A NEW beginning of multi ex- partied patriots jamming up the mail in Washington-Not dumping tea in a river for Christs sake. We were warned not to send that envelope to the white house or go to jail- I sent mine. Wer there no Muslim President we would be able to concentrate on the fact that the raise in oil prices WAS caused by our OWN oil people. When Cheney got his his first $1,000,000 bribe as head of Haliburton is was just prio to his taking an oath. Goaddamit a bribe is a bribe weather it’s before yo take office or durring, or after. Back to what MacMillan told Kennedy- “You cannot win a land war in Asia.” And the Brits tried in India for 400 years. Pics of our trucks being bombed and stuck and burried in landslides look like pics of the Russians when it happenned to them. But Pics of a 16-17 yr old Taliban boy walking through a crowded village square in Afghanistan with his AK over one shoulder and a chain of fresh cut off hands and feet over the other shoulder with a smile on his face- we can’t change that kind of thinking I don’t believe- even the guy who had his hands and feet cut off looked like he knew he got what he deserved by their law.

  12. Brenda says:

    Looooved your comments today Steve! They were both insightful & inciteful!!!! You should put them all together, clean it up a bit, and post it on the D&C. I may visit just to comment on it:)

  13. Steve says:

    Yeah, I don’t think I can go back to the D&C…maybe someday…I pop in and, except for FP, Revin, and a couple others, I’m downright embarrassed to say i live in this area, given the right wing wahckos we seem to have.

    Or, maybe I’m wrong and it really is 1955.: – )

  14. Steve says:

    Man, just 5 minutes with that idiot Cachito.

  15. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Actually Steve is just stretching out a Televidsion Sermon By Billy Graham from about 20 years or more ago about “The information age>” where we ar “Bombarded with information about things to scare us we never would have even heard before. And that was before the first Bush declared, Our way of life is at stake!” and at the time I remember thinking yeah but we never started a war or jumped into one for that reason without being attacked before. I still don’t know exactly what Vietnam was. I think we just went there because Russia went there because we went there. Because Russia went there.

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