The Short Way Down


Can you tell I’m coasting?  Just resting after my hospital stay and hiding from the holidays.  No weather here.

This is the view from my last apartment on the 15th floor.  I now live on the 18th floor in a different building.  I like to be high.  I lived on the 41st floor in Manhattan and people were amazed.  It really doesn’t matter much after the 7th floor.

If you take the short way down from the 7th floor or the 107th floor, no one should expect you for Christmas dinner.

2 Responses to “The Short Way Down”

  1. Bill says:

    Even though you’re coasting, you still touched on an item of controversy. In the movies, people routinely do things that would get you killed in real life. Adults presumably know the difference, but youngsters—even teenagers—can’t always tell. One pet peeve of mine is how characters get up with no harm after being plowed into by a car.

    A couple years ago a local kid tried driving at some police officers and got his head blown off. He probably figured what he was doing was no big deal.

    I enjoy action movies, but, aside from fictional mutants and such, I do wish the exploits shown were minimally possible in the known universe.

  2. Steve says:

    Bill, did you know that if there is a huge explosion, that ALL you need to do is just throw yourself, in the same direction of the blast, roll on the ground…get back up, brush yourself off, ask your friend, “You OK?” to which they say, “Yeah, that was some ride”, that you’ll be ok? You would live…seriously.
    if you were to get shot in the arm or shoulder, just put your other hand on it, yell, “I’m ok, it went straight through!” then use that same arm to open up doors and beat up bad guys.: – ) You wouldn’t lose all function of your limb.

    I’m with you, tired of Hollywood defying the laws of physics…tired of CGI fights where no one bleeds or get’s hurt. They just keep beating on each other, fall out windows, through walls, on top of trains, etc.
    But just go on YouTube, and watch all the young kids who think they are indestructible like Wolverine or SpiderMan.

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