The Short Way Down

This was a sunset with neat clouds from my last apartment on the 15th floor.  I now live on the 18th floor in a different building.  I like to be high.  I lived on the 41st floor in Manhattan and people were amazed.  But it really doesn’t matter much after the 7th floor.

If you take the short way down from the 7th floor or the 107th floor, no one should expect you for Christmas dinner.

2 Responses to “The Short Way Down”

  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    That depends. Life Magazine in the end of it used to show neat photo’s of the month. One was a cat that jumped out of a burning bldg. and a photographer got snaps of it as it passed each floor of a five story fire escape and ran away!. I was shocked at a freind who said, “That ain’t nothin, I threw a cat out of the seventh story window once and it was a little ruffled but it walked away.”
    WHY IN THE WORLD? I asked him would he throw an animal like a cat out of a seventh story window?? his reply was remarkable, he said-
    “I kept throwing him out of my fifth story window and he kept comeing back.”

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    You like Emo Phillips. Someone-everyone he said said cat’s always land on their feet! “Lady!” he replied, “You just don’t know how to throw that damn cat!”

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