The MOST Stupid Criticism of Obama

He Wasn’t Born in America


Right-wing paranoids have been whining for over a year that President Barack Obama was NOT born in the United States and therefore ineligible to be President.  When I heard this rant last week from a man whom I formerly thought intelligent – although misguided – I decided to look it up myself.  I went to the following respected site and through another link viewed his birth certificate. You can too if you like at: and read all of the related rumors dispelled by facts.

Of course some nitwits will say the certificate is a fake blah, blah, blah.  I think they might be right – IF it was forged by a living Elvis who was taught to type by space aliens.

I have ENOUGH legitimate concerns about Obama.  This isn’t one of them.

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  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    From what I can get out of all the confusing stuff I’ve read is that is a certificate of live birth, not a Birth certficate- or something like that, isn’t a birth certificate. While you were perusing this did you happen to find ANYONE with a Certificate of Dead Birth?? I don’t understand all the stuff I’ve read because i always thought if one parent was an American citizen anywhere regardless of any time limit the kid was American and protected by the US. What severely bothers me also from snopes is this.
    It’s not about a birth certificate but clearly shows he has a total ignorance of how BLACK and white veterans feel, or anyone that has served and risked their lives. We, I, my freinds, did it to try and SAVE lives, hollywood lies-who’d have thought.- he may be American but was raised in a country that hates us and I am beginning to feel since his family is so anti war that his sending more Americans to Afghanistan is a well planned way to get a lot more of us killed FOR NOTHING. And they are beating us the same way they beat the Russians. How do you stop a tank or a column? Blow the road out from under it or the mountain down on it. The terrible damage being done to that country by both sides, and last I checked there was not one afghanistani in the planes on 9-11. They didn’t care one way or the other about us, but they do now.

  4. Frank Paolo says:

    1. You’re not the guy whom I formerly thought was smart (that didn’t come out right) who got me going on this. That guy writes pieces for “Savage” and the more I hear him and Beck, the less I like them.

    2. As the Snopes article says, NEITHER parent has to be an American citizen IF THE CHILD IS BORN HERE.

    3. This has to be the dumbest, little non-issue talked about today. It takes time and focus away from ending these stupid wars, the health initiative, and the whole stimulus package. THOSE are SERIOUS issues! When people sweat about the small stuff, I automatically think, “that’s all you got? Who the hell cares?”

    4. I know you’re an intelligent man. However, it would be nearly impossible for you to be objective (it seems to me) re: ANY issue on Vets. I don’t say that disrespectfully – were I in your shoes, I’d probably feel the same way.

    With the treatment Vets have received, continually putting them in harm’s way for nothing, and Obama’s past (insincere!) anti-war sentiment, I can see how you might be paranoid about a lot of things. I would be too.
    However I would like to respectfully disagree with you concerning some incidents and motives; specifically O’s wife wearing white at that service and her “hate stare”. What POSSIBLE motive would she have in disrespecting our troops? If nothing else, it would hurt O politically.

    And the “hate stare”? I think it was one beautiful woman looking at another and getting her into a “pissing contest”. I featured the French First Lady in a post a long time ago here in a very compromising photo.
    I had to look at it numerous times to see just how compromising it is.

    Please continue to add your comments. Thanks, Joe.

  5. Frank Paolo says:

    My post on Carla Bruni, First Lady of France, and her unfortunate physical deformity can be found at:

    The article is “Don’t Pity Carla, Help Her”

  6. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    I never said I didn’t have a damaged mind Frank, in fact, It’s amazing i can think at all. To make sense of something? Whooo Ahhhh!!! I’m honest. That gives me freinds in all places. Sometimes my freinds have to protect me from my own thoughts.. But a first lady in a pissing contest with someone that’s not playing? Things are going south for someone we all had our hopes on and I’m not that fatass rich dummy that hopes he fails. He HAS to make the right decisions but anyone that’s ever worked from paycheck to paycheck and wants something in life knows you just CAN’T jump fast at a deal, or you’ll always come up short. I’m SURE Bush and Cheney set him up to fail. Nothing makes better sense than NOT wasting another 40,000 lives in the honor of 4,000, we’ve heard that before. THAT’S WHY THE GENERALS WAITED AN ENTIRE GENERATION TO BUST OUT THEIR TOYS. And we used to say if you give a General a new tou it’ll burn a hole in his pocket ’till he uses it. I hear BAD stuff from a high ranking Officer who doesn’t believe we should be there.
    As Far as Carla’s “deformity” I was born cross eyed in one eye, and they look fine to me. I would like a closer examination, perhaps standing on her head, anyway she calls it, I’d be glad to help.

  7. Brenda says:

    I may be making an assumption here, but I think those desperately trying to discredit Obama really want to say “He can’t be President because he is black!””Oh the horror!”

    I can understand questioning it once, but the non-stop bullshit even after proof has been provided is ridiculous! Someone could provide a video of his birth with a volcano erupting in the background and these jack asses would still claim it was a lie.

    I followed your links Paolo and it pointed out a child of foreign parents born in the US even if they are just passing through, then that child is a natural born citizen. How could the child of an actual US citizen have less rights than? Doesn’t that seem stupid? If were are supposed to value being American so much, don’t you think our citizenship would be one of the most important things we would automatically transfer to our children?

    These people are so stupid!!!!!!!
    I bet if his father were the American and his mother were Kenyan, they would not drag it out so foolishly.

    Do you know there were birth announcements in the newspaper as well? Those were probably made up too!

    Where were these guys when we had “evidence” of weapons of mass destruction?

  8. Brenda says:

    On a funny note, in today’s world, a natural birth is one without drugs for pain. So therefore, if a woman suffers through the pain of labor, does that mean the child is a natural born citizen and eligible to run for president?

  9. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Brenda at one time a woman was ,”A man’s chattel.” Blacks and whites have been slaves in this country but with the invention of the cotton Gin boy howdy the South did some importing. As late as great Mississippi flood in the early 20th century their ability to travel and being forced to live in tents along the dry spots on an Island like strip by the Mississippi forced by the government, because the landowners were afraid once they got off the farm they wouldn’t come back. But we do keep improving. I have freinds that send me stuff on Obama, and on Bush, Texans, Arabs, and it is good to be informed but I doubt anyone believes everything pushed at us on the internet anymore- there is so much trash it impossible for it to be true and hardly anyway to prove or disprove. We used to call them Rabble rousers, only now it seems to be pointed at middle class, which is dying out. Mavynee Betsch was a freind of mine. She preserved the status of “American Beach” almost singlehandedly with the help of all the locals of both colors that knew her (She stood out) and fought off it’s being bought out by the mega wealthy developers of Amelia island and the Ritz carlton and seven 1/4 million dollar per unit seven story Condo’s on the other side of American beach. She died after they made the documentary and after living on the beach in a Camper for years. American Beach was developed by her Grandfather and forever was the ONLY place in the South Blacks were allowed. Oprah’s Black and could have bought or built ON American beach, but chose to by a condo where she could join her honky freinds in looking down on it.
    In the play ,”OUR TOWN,” supposedly located in a regular American Town around 1913 the Narrator says, “All males vote by age of 21, women vote indirect.” People believed that. We are improving by historical standards very fast, personal standards too slow. But with people being bought before they are allowed to run for office in a party with backing we are in danger now of flying backwards. If we wouldn’t let him in because he’s black, he wouldn’t be there. All Presidents are put down from Washington to Lincoln. Kennedy caused his own accident on the PT109 and was up for court marshall for disobeying orders- got his men killed, but his dad had enough pull with FDR to get him a medal and into politics. Whether it’s because he’s Black- and blacks can stand up for themselves they don’t need the massa anymore- or just plain suddenly 888888-rich and stupid, he accepted the usual 4 years of political nut-busting and the fact that his family is supposed to be ABOVE trailer trash. That BLACK is worn at funerals and memorials for the dead shows culture- not doing it- lack of culture- yes it makes him look bad- WHY would she do that? Because Detroit Blacks in the majority hate white people, the Army, believe we deserved to die- Maybe? To say she agrees with her husband that they were professional soldiers and knew the consequences and need to stop whining if they get shot or killed- they asked for it. THAT IS a Obama quote.
    Women want to be equals but they want to be taken care of without working or paying half the bills throughout my wifes family (My wife left home at 15 and missed grandma’s lectures that made the others marry man after man till they found men rich enough) Women have half the money and all the nookie and it’s the men that get screwed, by my observation. But it does work both ways. Men that leave their children without support are doing much more than screwing over women. And I would love to shoot guys that can’t wait until their kids are 18 and they can stop helping them. Guys that don’t even pay child support should have the money taken out of their social security, with interest, and women too. It’s about the kids.

  10. Brenda says:

    Joe, what in the fuck are you talking about when you say “women want to be equal, but they want to be taken care of without working”

    After a comment like that, the way I see it is like this.

    Woman aren’t equal, they are much better than most men. The women I know bust their asses and don’t expect anything from a man except for him to keep his fucking mouth shut and look pretty. Oh yeah, if he could last longer than 3 minutes, that would be great too! After working 50 hours a week, taking care of the kids, and putting dinner on the table, its the very fucking least a man can do!

  11. Brenda says:

    Sorry Joe, don’t know what just happened there. I think I was having a Gloria Steinem moment or something. I’m all dizzy now.

    Whew. Glad I got that off my chest:)

  12. Frank Paolo says:

    Yikes! The both of ya’s! Joe, wasn’t it just last week or the week before you put up a beautiful picture of your wife in the D&C Blog pics and call her “the light of my wife” or something? Hardly the macho bullsnuts you were swinging in that last post.

    And Brenda, you’ve made your man sound God-like in intelligence, coolness and humor. And I’m sure he is to be your partner (notice I didn’t say equal)!


  13. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Brenda, I was talking about my 62 yr old sot of a sister in law, who keeps trying to dump her Mom of at my house (Mobile home) and calls here constantly rambling. Frank , my wife is the light of my life- just since she’s been talking to sis I need to figure out how to plug one ear and pour some brains in the other. And I was talking about THEIR Catholic shall we say disliking family from Alma-Bacon County Georgia. The place where the 1950’s history book proudly claimed original ownership of Both the “Horned Negroe,” and Capt Josiah Dunge who got to be a dentist by having a blacksmith make him a set of toothpulling pliars when he was about 10 and practicing his trade on all the black kids on the other shore of “Hurricane” creek. I also noticed by the list of burials in the Alma Bacon County cemetaries that only seven families lived there from before the revolution until 1950, which partly explains why one of her uncles is something like 30 years younger than her. Nobody knows exactly HOW Dr. Dunge got the goats horns to fit so well on the black guys head but both claimed they never had it so good as they got working sideshows all over the country after the civil war until they went to Indianna and the SPCA made Dr. Dunge “De-horn his moneymaker.” OH GOD I MISS NEW YORK.

  14. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    And Brenda- Good women like my Mrs. get crapped on from childbirth, I’m very fortunate that I got crapped on enough to get enough money to take care of her when she’s been sick. You’ll never know for sure you have someone to ride the river with until you have someone than can get you so mad you feel like your going nuts and they get the same way, but you KNOW whatever it is will be gone by the next day. But I have NEVER seen my sisters in law work and they chose divorce to go fishing for money and went back to Mommy’s, say a year before my wifes 1st husband that gave her a baby at 15 (He was Navy)threw her out with threats of death. When I asked her out they took a vote without my wife there and it was 4 to 0 to throw my wife out because she got a job, just after her daughter got killed and left 2 babies. That was to keep them from having to help with children, as they didn’t even raise their own. They even testified that the older guy in jail that knocked up her daughter was a good father and the state of florida gave custody to a man in prison who gave the kids my wife was raising to his mother who took them 180 miles away and changed their names, hid them, and left them with her childmolesting husband-who didn’t work, and started raping the girl at ten. I haven’t been home because I’ve been fighting a different kind of war to get the SOB to trial, and it’s finaly set for next month. The sisters and Mom would do ANYTHING to keep from helping their own families kids, not all women are worth what you say, but Some men give up everything to help their families. And I hate the ones that don’t as bad as you do. Sometimes I just like pulling someones leg to get a rise out of them. A Gloria Steinem moment. I like that. It won’t work here. The expression you just coined. They can’t read.

  15. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Like I had to tell Frank, I don’t laugh at him, with him. You are a sharp woman. I want to be a kid again and be able to see fish in 25′ of water in Lake Ontario when you could drink out of it.

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