The Last Hollywood Legend

You can name a few living old movie stars, but none could compete with Elizabeth Taylor.  Ms. Taylor was one of those “Star of Stars” like Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, and Paul Newman.  There will never be another actor or actress who will become as idolized. Why?

Ms. Taylor was a product of the Hollywood Studio system.  Each studio jealously guarded their stars from overexposure, public buffoonery, stupid rumors, and, most of all, familiarity.

It’s unthinkable to imagine Elizabeth Taylor in a stolen sex video or babbling like Justin Beiber on a talk show.  Jennifer Anniston and Natalie Portland are beautiful women – but there were a few in my high school just as attractive and talented.

It’s a little hard to picture a “glamorous star” when you’re listening to some bimbo just out of rehab talking about how she “hovers” over public toilet seats when taking a pee.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    You gotta remember your talking about a television televised movie starlet. Surrounded by paparazzi she HAS to assume that there is a very high tech waterproof camera in that toilet hooked up to the internet. She HAS to be aware 24 hrs a day that if she just sat down to pee she’d screw up the photographers light.

    But I think I was still in High school when Liz narrated and guided the photographers on a tour of some Ritzy place, it may have been Buckingham Palace. Talent, class, confidence, and incredible beauty.

  2. Bill says:

    The best holidays took place in our pre-teen years, the best music was played in our teens and twenties, the best movies were made in our 20s and 30s, the best politicians and movie stars were hanging around when we were young. All of us romanticize the past; we even idolize the athletes of our youth. Cripes, you’d think the 50s and early 60s were heaven come to earth to hear the way people wax poetic about what was, afterall, a time of crushing conformity.

    Ever hear of Angelina Jolie? I don’t care for her myself, but she is every bit as “big” as Taylor was in her heyday. Kate Winslet is a great great actress–better than Taylor ever was.

    Fess up Frank; you’ve had a crush on Liz since when? National Velvet or A Place in the Sun or What?

  3. paolo. says:

    Liz Taylor was a little before our time, Bill.

    And I will tell you something you will not believe: I have not been to a theater to see a movie since “Goofellas” (except the AIDS movie at the Little). Friends have brought over videos of movies and I’m gone back (to reading/computer) in about 10-minutes every time. Never saw a Cheers nor a Steinfeld. I only watch the news and morning shows on TV. I recognize Angeline Joli because of the talk shows – the 2nd one I wouldn’t know if she pushed me in the elevator.

    I finally figured out why after so many years – (and you probably know this already) – reading/computer is active (I’M IN CONTROL) – the rest of the media you have to sit back and let someone else control your mind. No ‘willful suspension” of disbelief here!

  4. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    When we were in our teen years our adults had learned to survive the dustbowl and heat of the depression-not to mention lack of money, but the dustbowl picked up the prairie and set it down in such fine particles it killed thousands and thousands of babies, and elderly, and just plain sickly people with a similar disease to asbestosis where peoples lungs weren’t strong enough to cough the tiny specks turned to cement in their lungs back out. Then they had the guts to fight the worlds largest mass murderers without wonderring if or what it had in it for them. They knew right from wrong, spoiled the hell out of us. If you were a fat kid all the adults pinched your cheek and told your Mom how “HEALTHY” you were, and we hated it =we had no idea, most still don’t. And we let a skinny illegal, and if not illegal at least non-American poorly cultured Gangsta’ pres. scare us on a tiny little tube. Frank I haven’t watched the news since my wifes been on vacation and when she’s not on vacation I try not to get exposed to that BS anyway. 3 generations ago you had to feed an entire family with a bag of flour and a can of lard , for a week, out of the back of your car. Youngsters eat out because they can’t cook. THEY CAN’T UNDERSTAND THE DIRECTIONS ON A FROZEN DINNER. Well they actually can but why should they when grandma will do it for them. Remember when boys took Home Economics and basic sewing? How you gonna help anyone when you can’t figure out how to eat while walking through a supermarket? And I espescially like halloween and Thanksgiving decorations hanging over the meat and delicatessen counters, that need to be sprayed with poison everyday without the workers thinking about the fact that the poison floats DOWN on the food.

  5. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Paul Newman and Liz Taylor ARE still alive aren’t they?

  6. paolo. says:

    Half laughing/half shaking my head, Joe. I rarely know what’s the right reaction to your posts – but I know you’d be pleased with both. Bill’s post are more straight-forward – but eagerly read.

    If people read these comments, they’ll think you’re the only two people who actually come to my site daily. Not true. The counter will go over 1/3 of a million total hits tomorrow – can you imagine?

    I talked to a former client the other day – someone who people would call a “stuffed shirt”. He told me he was a faithful reader and I was a little surprised. “Why?” I asked. His response:

    “I guess I’m just easily amused.”

  7. Bill says:

    Frank, I agree with your comments on movies and television 100%. Reading is active; viewing is passive. I WILL turn on the tube if I have insomnia; it’s the perfect cure.

  8. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Does what you said say over 333,339.3 People a day on a semi rotating Basis think I’m Crazy? Ht damn! If I need a jury I have a good chance of getting a good jury.

  9. paolo. says:

    Noooo…..that’s my total (@ about 1000/day) which, they tell me, is very good without ads or a lot of “links”.

    But even at that number Joe, if I were you, I would definitely go for the insanity defense.

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