The Holocaust Was a Hoax?

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There are some lunatics walking around who believe the Holocaust never happened. That’s like saying there was no such thing as the nuclear bomb we dropped on Hiroshima.  Or the Saint Valentines Day Massacre was just a little party that got out of hand.

A few months back I picked up a Library book about Nazi medical experiments.  I could only get through a few disgusting chapters before I stopped reading.  What horrified me as much as the gruesome research on actual human beings was the reproduction of Nazi documentation from the party high command.  The German doctors who participated in these trials actually felt justified in their actions. Many said it was their duty to the Motherland and humanity.

To deny this horror when there are numerous photographs and tangible records to prove its existence is craziness.  Although I fully support free speech – it does have its drawbacks.  One is allowing disgusting people to voice an opinion.

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  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    RAGHEADS HAVE forced the UK to remove the holocaust from the United Kingdom’s history books. Just as our INTERNET has changed what was in the JULY 2008 TIME Magazine about giving our combat soldiers on repetitious tours PROZAC and other SSRI’s (so of course there is no connection with the prozac cutoff at the end of service and getting it while in line waiting for a VA Appointment having what is now called (A MILD ADJUSTMENT TO NOT HAVING THE DRUG ANYMORE) not WITHDRAWAL. oh no not that. If they called it withdrawal it would explain the 250 suicides a year or so.
    As soon as the Kenyan Monkey is re-elected OUR history books will begin to remove the holocaust to make those people RIGHT ON BRO.
    There is one other explanation I COULD accept. Concentrations camps were how Nazi’s kept their food fresh without refrigeration. I’m going to forward you a letter on Jeffersons accomplishments before you yank this-read it, and print it.

  2. Bill says:

    The UK has NOT removed the holocaust from their history books. This story is a persistent internet email hoax.

    The world has always had true believers like the Nazis and still does. What separates the Nazis from the others is merely a matter of scale and documentation.

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    When I read the story about the removal it was pertaining to only ONE country and I can’t remember which! But the author did use UK. so I anticipated it spreading-something I just could not fathom a people who underwent the blitz doing. I actually feel better with your showing that report wrong than it ever being true, but it has been tried. and I still got enough connections on MK-ULTRA from what IS on the net about the 2008 TIME-but it no longer mentions WHY anti depressants are issued in our desert wars (The lack of them in Somalia) Soldiers in that condition should be removed. In the Far East PLENTY of people self medicated with what was at hand. THEN acrtually became very successful, or dead. or in between.

  4. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    One thing I don’t understand the playing of a lot more than where I could see it only once in my lifetime is TREVOR HOWARDS documentary on film of the overtaking of a concentration camp with thousands of living dead prisoners and 20,000 dead bodies piling up on the ground when the allies busted into it. HOWARD was a war reporter with a camera crew. There were 18 well fed Nazi Guards who actually showed off their handiwork expecting the Americans and brits to commend them on continuing to kill way past their ability to bury because of the lack of ability of the lazy jews to dig the holes by hand. Howard documented every day of it. Rather than just execute the clean cut healthy Nazi jailers he filmed them hand burying the thousands of bodies. they were soo proud of their ability to carry more than just one jewish body, but two at a time over their shoulders, and even more. After weeks of carrying rotten dead corpses the Germans didn’t look so clean and proud anymore and I dare say stunk. They literally had their noses rubbed in it. “We were just following orders.” What’s happening today is what all of us from the last group of an American srafted Army is a professional Army-perfectly willing to turn on US like the Gestapo did. I find a large similarity between the early Gestapo and the “Secret Service.” Both getting the covetted they can do anything SS symbols. And it sure don’t mean protect the constitution against all enemie4s foreign and domestic anymore. One day HOMELAND SECURITY will be rewarded as to what they have earned. Allowing thousands and thousands of AlQuada automatic weapons to be cached in Mexico by cartells trained to work with Fidels communista’s on the unlocked back door.

  5. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    And I love Mexicans that come here for freedom willing to fight for it, I know some. Have seen them do it.

  6. Bill says:

    I spoke to quite a few holocaust survivors where I worked. One guy said a couple hundred of them were marched out to a field and separated into two groups. One group was machine-gunned to death; the other was told they were free to go. At first they assumed they would be killed while trying to get away, but no, they were allowed to leave. A few hours later they ran into American troops. That’s how arbitrary the difference between life and death could be. Who knows what crazy thoughts were going through that Nazi officer’s head.

  7. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Shit Bill-he just didn’t have enough bulletts left. And taking care of the runaways slowed down his apprehenders!! I had a freind that volunteered for the occupation-he manned roadblocks. the SS Gestapo had two blue dots tattooed under one of their arms. Roy used to pull up their sleeves and if he saw 2 blue dots shot them in their head. He got some nice vehicles that way. WHAT?? ME NO SS!! “NOPE< NOT ANTMORE! bang bang.
    Hey Bob-this scooter starts hard! pull over the next one!
    Roy had been airdropped in and captured for 110 days before Patton freed his POW camp and used healthy captives for replacements. He hopped on the 3rd tank behind Patton and rode to Berlin with him and was with him when he was stopped to let the Russians invade first. Patton was pissed, threw his helmet on the ground and cussed and Roy just said all he wanted to do from the time Patton busted him out was kill Nazis, stayed behind to get more. I liked Roy, he cracked me up.

  8. Bill says:

    I don’t blame Patton for being pissed; he was a glory hound and he did get there first, but the Russians paid for the privilege of taking Berlin with millions of lives.

    Besides that, Churchill was lobbying for the U,S,, Britain, and a reconstituted German army to turn on the reds and drive them back. Stalin was a paranoid bastard anyway, and if the two armies had gotten too close in the heat of battle, they might very well have started shooting at each other.

  9. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Without a doubt when Russia burned their own cities, shelters and food knowing they would starve before Hitler could live off the land THEIR sacrafice, civilian and military is what put the end to Hitler. Andy Rooney and my Uncle met the Russians outside Berlin and Rooney said you really couldn’t tell the Russian soldiers from ours, they partied hard and celebrated finally joining,. Their sacrafice had earned them the right to to do Berlin-and they called it the rape of Berlin and the Russians paid back like we never would have, and had the right to.

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