The Hole Truther

What is it about Conservatives? Many of them believe the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of John Kennedy but they don’t believe any other government report they don’t want to hear. They put us through the “birther” issue (Obama wasn’t born here,) the “deather” baloney (Osama Bin Laden wasn’t really killed,) and, for the last few weeks, the “pollers” horseshit (the polls that put Obama ahead are rigged.)

Now they have a new cry saying the unemployment figures released yesterday were “cooked” – manipulated in Obama’s favor. When does rational dissent slip into paranoia? I think we’re now in “the sky is falling” neighborhood.

Alan Krueger, the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers and one of the nation’s top labor economists, said today, “No serious person would question the integrity of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These numbers are put together by career employees. They use the same process every month.” General Electric CEO Jack Welch tweeted: “Unbelievable jobs numbers…these Chicago guys will do anything…can’t debate so change the numbers.” Fox News’s homepage blares: “Jobless rate dips under 8 percent, but…IS THE NUMBER REAL?”

This buffoonery is certainly not doing Romney any good. Americans don’t really care about these things.  Maybe they’ll listen to Paul Ryan, Republican-Conservative Vice-Presidential candidate who said, “Aw, Conservatives always complain – it’s just in their nature.”

Maybe.  But it’s starting to get annoying.

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  1. Bill says:

    FOX News started the conservative move to paranoia with its assertions about the big bad liberal mainstream media. People tend to hide their paranoid fantasies under a basket for fear of being labeled a nutcase, but when authority figures on FOX and elsewhere began validating their paranoia, the crazies came out of hiding to join a swelling chorus. They no longer feel marginalized.

    I have a message for them. Yes, there are a lot more of you than I realized, but you people are paranoid nutballs, and a good many of you are stupid, ignorant hillbillies. Drink some more moonshine, pop a xanax, and shut the hell up.

  2. paolo. says:

    Jesus Bill! Why don’t you tell us what you really think?

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some members of and they were nothing like I expected. Now remember, I must be the devil incarnate to these people with my views – but I was welcomed and they made me feel very comfortable. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember politics being discussed at all.

    These Conservatives were everyday citizens – more polite and more intelligent than most – and genuinely good people. Not a tinfoil hat in the bunch! They’re Christian and very patriotic but they were like any other civilized people you’d meet.

    People have told me I’m very different in person than they’d expect from my blog. “Nicer” – “not so hard-assed” – “not as whacked as I write” probably sums it up. I think we’re all different in person – and talking politics.

    Are the people I met “typical” Conservatives? Who knows? All I can say is the ones I met are people whom you’d also respect.

    BTW – the folks at Rochester Conservative never pushed the birther or deather issues. I don’t know if they believe in them but I think we can all agree they’re not important. Stereotyping is a bitch.

  3. Bill says:

    Frank, I wasn’t knocking conservatives; I was knocking paranoid nutballs. Most conservatives do not discern some “plot” by the major news outlets to discredit their candidates.

    Anyone who uses either FOX News on the right or MSNBC on the left for his or her major source of news and opinion is voluntarily submitting to brainwashing and will eventually be awash in paranoid fantasies.

    I call the lefty nut cases effete, overeducated fools and advise them to drink some more chardonnay, likewise pop a xanax, and likewise shut the hell up.

    Fair and balanced; that’s me. I bitch; you decide.

  4. paolo. says:

    The planets must have lined up – we totally agree!

  5. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    XZanax? One pill gave me a hangover like a bottle of cheap vodka. Had t take another to make the bad go away and threw it out before I got addicted to it. Some people call it “the invisible peoples pill.” Because shoplifters high on it will shoplift right in froont of the store manager. Methadone for chronic pain DOES NOT make people high, so idiots mix it with Xanax, and one nitwit in the other half of the family threw away a brand new Mobile home doublewide and property bought for him by his mother in law. He would drink 7 bottles of regular robitussin and take xanax for a buzz. NOT codeine cough syrup. A guy and his wife on Xanax held up the local CVS drugstore in the middle of the day with a gun and robbed Xanax, Morphine, oxycottens, hydrocodone, but forgot to take money-checked into a local motel, fell asleep and never woke up. They don’t think people can SEE them! Now they find after giving Prozac And Xanax to PTSD heart patients for years and years that the combination will kill people from taking the 2 together. The VA has been prescribing that mixture to it’s patients for years and years and just sent out a notice that it is deadly. The VA is well bribed by the drug copanies and also glad to lower their expenses by denying a PTSD case to anyone and if they win the shrinks help cut VA costs by killing people. Even though Audie Murphy testified to congress he had it and had to take pills to sleep and the courts foud it a legitimate claim they give SSRI’s to combat soldiers to keep them in country for years and then make them wait months and years for a claim while the addicted by the military vets comit suicide. Waiting for the good treatment they were promised.

  6. dosie says:


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  7. Tatyana says:

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  8. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    You can’t not like Frank.

  9. paolo. says:

    Thanks, Joe – but I can list at least a few dozen who’d disagree.

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  11. Martha says:


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