The Face of Hatred


Before you say there’s no racism left in America, I’d ask you to look at this picture. “Oh sure” you might say, “there are still a few fringe nuts running around – but it’s no big deal.”  Uh, uh. There are more than a few nuts in our country.  MANY more than a few.

Last week, this picture was the number one requested image of Michelle Obama on Google, the world’s largest internet search-engine. Hundreds of thousands of people downloaded this disgusting representation of our First Lady as a monkey.  Some of them probably thought it funny. Some were curious.  But I’ll bet a large number of downloading downers are afflicted with the cancer of racism.

Right wing neo-nasties will whine, “They did it to George and Laura Bush too!”  Did they?  I’ve seen doctored pictures of the Bushes. Some were funny, many were in bad taste.  But NEVER have I seen one that is this evil, rancid, and hate-filled.

I’m no fan of the Obamas – but if you think this image is not extremely offensive and disgusting,  I have a thought for you.  I believe you are much closer to the ape represented here than you are to an actual human being proud of the heritage for which America stands.

6 Responses to “The Face of Hatred”

  1. Steve says:

    Very ugly, very offensive. Makes me ashamed to say I’m from a country that would even create this photo.
    I think the First lady is hot, personally.
    Then again, Repubs/CONservs cannot stand an intelligent woman…that’s why they hate Hilary so much. Now, throw an attractive, intelligent African-American woman at them, and they REALLY don’t know how to handle it…well, they do, and this is all that their feeble, RACIST, white-sheet covered minds come up with.

    I don’t believe Michelle ran over someone with her car, either…like Laura.

  2. paolo. says:

    Paul: responded to your comment under “Goodbye” post. FP

  3. Bill says:

    About one third of Americans, black as well as white, admit to being racist. The actual number is no doubt even higher. Favoring one’s own— be it race, family, sex, religion, nationality, school, team, party, etc— is an unfortunate feature of human nature. We can’t prevent it; all we can do is try to control its more pernicious manifestations.

    The Michelle photo has gone viral just like the Susan Boyle video did a few months ago. I disagree most viewers were getting racist jollies from it; I think most were merely curious. After all, you looked at it. And now, thanks to you, I have too.

  4. Steve says:

    “I disagree most viewers were getting racist jollies from it; I think most were merely curious. After all, you looked at it. And now, thanks to you, I have too.”

    -So, we should just ignore stuff like this and hope it goes away? By bringing this subject up, and speaking against it, are you saying that is also, in some way, promoting it?
    I had never seen this picture until Frank posted it. Now I have seen it, and I recognized instantly, the picture was racist, and I also knew instantly, that Frank would point out it’s ugliniess…if he had posted it and said, “Yo, check out our First Lady, she’s like a chimpanzee”, I wouldn’t be typing here, nor ever again. So, as ugly as it is, I’m glad Frank brings this up, and out in the open and forces us to talk about it. I disagree with your statement…I think some racists DO get their jollies…that somehow this picture is an affirmation that they are superior to her, and from here on out, do not have to listen to anything she ever says.
    When all is said and done, America is a racist country…OK, so are other countries…but then, they don’t PRETEND to be shining examples of democratic and diverse melting pots. We have that “all men, are created equal” thingy on paper, and it is STILL meaningless.
    This just reminds us of that.

  5. Bill says:

    Of course racists had some fun with this. Never said they didn’t.

    What I was challenging was the idea that MOST of the viewers looked at it because of their racism. The average person looked at it out of curiosity. Just like they checked out nasty photos of Brittany and Paris and others ad nauseum. Different people have different motives.

    I brought up Frank’s use of the picture as an example of a non-racist motive.

  6. Steve says:

    You may have apoint..the “rubbernecker” effect, I guess, we all want to see the accident/we don’t want to see the accident.

    A friend of mine said something interesting when there was something about Christina Applegate nude photos…I said I could find a thousand more attractive women in about two seconds on the internet to look at..and he said, “Yeah, but it’s HER”

    just viewing it, and downloading/sharing it, though, are two different things.
    Now, Frank shared it, but it was to expose it’s ugliness…that’s different from sharing it to get a laugh.

    Maybe we could find autopsy photos of the guy Laura Bush ran over and put them on the net…you know, as a joke…not against women drivers…of course.

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