The Emperor Has No News

Does the American government censor the news you see? Well of course it does.  Sometimes they say they do it for national security – other times they don’t even pretend to have an excuse.

Six posts down, I wrote “Ashamed For America”  highlighting the fact Afghanistan President Hamid Karzi ORDERED US troops out of one of his eastern provinces for leading and training Afghans in torturing and killing civilians. I provided this link for a collection of stories from reputable, American news sources:

This is unprecedented!  Can you imagine the president of a country for whom we’ve fought and died ordering us out of his country because we’re torturing civilians?  Is Afghanistan a sovereign nation – or a puppet of the United States? Can’t its recognized and elected leader choose to run his country as he sees fit? Have you ever read anything like this in our history? But here’s a bigger story:

There’s not one significant follow-up story from the day after that news broke. Go look. No US response, no defense, no denial – no ANYTHING about our government’s reaction to Karzai’s order.  The “coalition” gave a buried, little blurb saying there was nothing to it – but that was it.

The reason for all this hush-hush is because the war in Afghanistan is going much worse than we know from the news. Obama is continually lying to us about these wars.  And we wonder why those mobs of Arabs hate our arrogant guts.

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