The Delivery Charge is Extra. MUCH Extra

OK, the picture is lousy.  I took it in the middle of  the intersection of two of our busiest, downtown streets.  I really didn’t think the cars would slow down but I didn’t think the nitwits would automatically play “Let’s See Who Can Come Closest to the Idiot with a Camera” either.

Anyway, I’m sure those dolts or pinhead pedestrians never studied the fine print on the Papa John’s Pizza billboard.  I hope you can.  In the white part of the sign, just above the red border are these words:

Not Actual Size

Good Lord, No! Papa John!!  You mean we can’t get a pepperoni pizza the size of a city bus for $13.99? What kind of gyp joint is this?

Beam me up, Sunday.  There’s no intelligent life on this planet.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Is that sign on South Ave? If it is there is an apartment behind it and an ideal place for grown up kids to squirts Moms on summer walks with their kids, who may also have squirtguns and a great place to listen to the “I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT OR i’D WHIP YOU!!” AND THE “bUT mommy!! i DIDN’T DO IT!” AND THEN THE “dON’T YOU dare LIE TO ME!” AND A FEW ADDED SQUIRTS.

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