The Day the Music Died

I was talking with a man about the assassination of John Kennedy. Now I don’t know much about many things but I DO know a great deal about this subject.  I was stunned when this intelligent, well-educated man said he believed the official report of the government – Lee Oswald was the lone killer.  And then he said in a confident (and I’d say rather smug) manner that part of his reasoning was “nothing changed.”

Nothing changed after November 22, 1963? NOTHING CHANGED!?

1. Lyndon Johnson, probably the most crooked president we ever had, became President.  Besides being dropped from the ‘64 Kennedy/Johnson ticket, Johnson was soon to be indicted for numerous “insider” scandals. When he died, Johnson’s wealth was cited by independent sources to be about 20-times greater than he could have accumulated honestly in his public service career and investments.

2. The war in Vietnam REALLY started.  Many quotes and documents show Kennedy had had enough in Vietnam and wanted to drastically reduce our involvement. A few years after he was in office, Johnson dispatched over 500,000 troops and we were building major military installations such as Haiphong Harbor in that country.  Most of those construction contracts were given to Brown & Root, a Texas company which often funded LBJ’s campaigns. Today B&R is a subsidiary of Haliburton (is anyone else paying attention here?)

3. The prosecution against organized crime almost stopped completely. Attorney General Robert Kennedy waged a fierce war against the mob from 1960 – 1963.  The Justice Department turned to other matters after JFK’s death when RFK went into a near shock.

4.  J. Edgar Hoover, longtime head of the FBI and right wing reactionary, was going to be slipped into retirement under the new Federal age limit laws.   LBJ, by a special proclamation, declared him “Director for Life”.  Hoover was the virtual “editor” of the Warren Report.

5. A year after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy was sending nonpublic “feelers” to Cuba to resume a more sensible relationship with the US.  Earlier, JFK made an agreement with Russia not to invade Cuba in exchange for them removing their missiles from the island.

Kennedy also botched the Bay of Pigs Invasion sending into a rage tens of thousands of Cuban exiles who wanted their country back.  JFK blamed the CIA for the debacle and promised to “smash it into a thousand pieces.” Although Johnson did not invade Cuba, he immediately stopped any “peace” gestures and began an embargo which continues to this day.

These are only a few of the MANY things that changed when JFK was killed. Lee Harvey Oswald was about the only naive nitwit who DID NOT have a motive to kill Kennedy.

It always amazes me when right-wing, wing-nuts believe virtually ANYTHING the government tells them about the wars and the murder of this president – and think the government lies COMPLETELY concerning Obama and his “socialist conspiracy.”

They are hypocritically ridiculous.

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  1. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Frank sorry I goota tell ya but this is the second time you said B&R built Haiphong.
    NIXON MINED Haiphong harbor to blow up Russian supply ships. It was in North Vietnam. I don’t know how much B&R did do in S. Vietnam but like any good GOVERNMENT contract, if it got blown up over and over it was damn good business. You may be thinking of Cam Ranh Bay.

  2. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Kennedy lied like hell and when Nixon was in one of his advisors from the CIA was the older brother of a missing member that day of the group we had lunch with. No names but I believe him. He said the CIA offed kennedy for getting so many of their people killed at the bay of pigs. At least the missiles were removed so NOW that Mr. Chavez is about to be armed with missiles from Russia that will reach Washington, lets see if anyone has the guts to stop that.
    at NASA WE sub out our missile motors to Russia and our guidance packs to Red China- believe it I worked on the Assembly Bldg. for the Atlas V. towards the end there were red chineses and Ruskies all over going places I’d a been shot after the missile was assembled. But right now that kind of missile can be clobberred by our little Patriot.

  3. paolo. says:

    hey, joe. I may be thinking of Cam Ranh Bay but I’ll bet we agree that most of the heavy duty contracts went to Brown & Root and they were heavily connected to LBJ. Today they’re “something” to Haliburton (you explained it once) and the point is same shit – different names.

    I was called paranoid last night for believing there are forces BEHIND our elected officials who really pull the strings. Like they used to tell us in church, faith is a “gift” – (just one more freakin’ gift I never got). Sometimes I wish I had this naive (to me) faith – it would make living a lot easier.

    The old guineas taught me to believe NOTHING of what I heard and LITTLE of what I saw. They were sooo right.

  4. Bill says:

    I agree Oswald did not act alone, but we could be wrong. There have been several in depth investigations by smart, reliable people who ended up agreeing with the Warren commission in spite of initial doubts. Since it is human nature to question things, we’ll probably never know the truth for certain.

    A few observations. The Russians pulled their missles after we agreed to not invade Cuba AND withdraw our missles from Turkey. The Bay of Pigs was a poorly conceived plan that became doomed the instant JFK decided to renege on the promised U.S. air support. He knew it and admitted it.

    When JFK was alive, the government doves were led by a voice of reason, Averill Harriman. LBJ and Harriman hated each others’ guts. When JFK died, Averill was frozen out, and the remaining advisors were hawks. LBJ, a little bit starstruck by all the Ivy league brainiacs, basically just went along.

    Anyway, whatever conspiracy was behind the assassination couldn’t have involved more than a handful of people. An Oliver Stone type fantasy would not be possible; someone would have blabbed by now. You can “silence” just so many people.

  5. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    America was never told, and the only reason I know is because of the history
    of the Bay of Pigs written by a guy who was there and writes a lot to help
    vets with combat stress-so all his readers on know- WE WERE CLOSE IN
    TO THE COMBAT in the bay of pigs. This one mans ship unloaded men and
    equipement to a Cuban boat invading and it was blown up by the Cubans on the
    land and that guy heard the screams and the smells of the burning sinking
    boat and they were under orders NOT TO HELP the dying. close enough to smell
    burning. bad shit. Airpower would have helped, but we still would have
    The premise for landing in the bay of Pigs is that that was the region where
    the Carbonero’s worked. They were the lowest class and lowest paid members
    of Cuban society. They made the fuel for Cuba- Charcoal- the old way by
    chopping trees and building mounds, covering the trees with dirt and
    lighting a fire where there were vent holes so it would get just hot enough
    for the fire to make charcoal out of most of the wood and then they filled
    the vents, cooled it off, and dug it out. We were sure that the Carbonero’s
    would be the first to join in a revolution against Fidel BUT Fidel knew they
    were the worst treated and he made them the first people whose lives he
    improved and they had become extrememly loyal to him. The name of the
    screwup I believe has the military definition of, “Intelligence.” Go on
    Mil.Com and look up Dave Barker, and his history of the bay of Pigs.

  6. […] All Commission “debunkers” are not nuts.  Yet de supporters often cite the strangest conspiracy theories to laughingly dismissive all of us.  You don’t have to believe ‘aliens killed Kennedy’ to NOT believe the official government conclusion. Instead you may wish to think about WHO BENEFITED MOST FROM THE ASSASSINATION? Here’s a start. […]

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