The Cost Of Failure

Most Iraqi's think they were better off before America interfered in their country.

The War in Iraq is a failure. In terms of setting up a stable, democratically-elected government, it’s pathetic.  Sunday a new wave of car bombings killed at least 58 people in Muslim sectarian violence. That was just in one day!  Last month more than 800 people were killed.  In less than six months, the figure is more than 4,000 according to United Nations figures.

American troop casualties were 4,500+troops, civilian deaths are about 150,000 and rising, and the total cost in American dollars is anywhere between $3-6-Trillion dollars.  These figures don’t include all the costs in Afghanistan (2000+ American troops dead – 3/4 of them under Obama,) Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, and Somalia. Nor does it take into account the increased hatred of our country by most people in the Mideast.

And now you want the US to get involved in Syria?

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