The Cancer of Hatred

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m no fan of George Bush. I DO believe he qualifies as “The Worst President in History” and suffers from a lethal combination of arrogance, ignorance, and non-tolerance – but I don’t hate the man. He now leaves office with a long string of failures and denounced by a majority of the American people who put him in the Oval Office – twice.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Bush blundered badly and refused to change course despite growing evidence that he listened to people much smarter and more experienced than he who had their own vile agendas. Of course we now see how dumb that was – but it certainly wasn’t nearly as clear at the time.

Bush is now being blamed for everything from a world-wide economic meltdown to the hatred in the Mid-East which has gone on for centuries. He’s been accused of everything short of kidnapping the Lindberg baby. Worse, he’s bringing out in people an ugly, blaming, hate-filled side that is best left beneath the surface in a civilized society. That isn’t his fault – it’s ours – at least some of ours – and I see it spreading.

The ideals of peace and love from my generation did not include kicking a person when he’s down nor hating a person who’s made horrendous mistakes but is more naïve than evil. Sometimes the harder it is to try to understand someone – the easier it is to shove that person into a superficial stereotype we can understand. That is an ugly personality trait of which we should not be proud. That’s the mind set of a modern day lynch mob and I want no part of it. We must be better than that.


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3 Responses to “The Cancer of Hatred”

  1. amy stahl says:

    how does that go?
    Conservatives are really good for nothing..but they still bring a smile to my face when you push one down the stairs. ??

  2. Oh I missed this. I don’t hate him for all those reasons. I didn’t put him in office because I hated him before. Because his families money comes from his grandpa dealing with Adolph Hitler even after he invaded Poland. And I hate his Dad for the same reason AND because I’ve seen Pilots pulled out of the water because they crashed their own flying machine and were nowhere near the enemy AND then they said they were surrounded and of course had to fight their way out (Of the beach we were bathing at) so I figure The first one ran out of gas looking for his ass and was lost ,couldn’t find the carrier, and had to make it sound good. And because I worked in the oilfield and I know there was never a gas shortage for a fact. That we went into the wrong country to force us to buy local more expensive petroleum and in two wars the stockholders from Brown and Root AKA Haliburton, have skimmed billions because they really don’t care about us. That Patriotism is the last vestige of scoundrels. I hate him because he used his money to hide while I was shot at and claims not to have.

  3. But Frank since I am nuts and nobody will ever believe me or what I think I’m glad you believe in a kinder gentler way where even scoundrels get an even break.

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