The BEST Bum Line of 2008


“Buddy, can you give me a cigarette?  I left mine in the machine.”




“Franco, could you give me $2 for a ham sandwich?”

“Bernie – you can’t buy a ham sandwich for $2!”

“Oh. Then can you give me 5?”

(He got it.)

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3 Responses to “The BUMMIES”

  1. No No! Say I. I actually fed two women and two guys and three kids with my guitar and the other guy in a hooded sweatshirt that was so big it hung below his knees- for over a month in San Francisco by each of us standing accross from each other on a streetcorner on Haight-Asbury st’s in San Francisco by playing the guitar and whenever anyone passed between us we did a take, stuck both our hands out palms up , and asked in unison, “Spare change for the de-ranged?” The other of the two best money makers was , “Hey buddy, let me borrow a quarter from you, I need to get my Rolls Royce out of hock!”

  2. Bill says:

    A young woman approached me in Lake George to ask if I had change for a quarter. I gave her two dimes and a nickel, she said thanks, and then she walked away. I wanted to be angry, but I was laughing too hard.

  3. Bill- That line could save my life someday, that is the best.

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