The Arrogance Of US Power

US Secretary of State John Kerry said today Syrian President Bashar Assad has no place in Syria’s future. He also said the US has options in stepping up pressure on him.  This is a classic statement which shows why much of the world HATES America.

What right do we have to determine another country’s leaders?

Assad is just one more disgusting dictator in a world full of them.  Don’t we have enough problems at home without sticking our nose (and our military and money) into other countries’ businesses?  How does Syria threaten the United States?  And don’t Americans find it a little strange that our “ally” against Assad is al-Queda?

The more I think of John Kerry, the less I think of him. He’s stumbling down the same warlike steps that Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton followed.  It’s a path of more death, destruction, and disaster to our economy.

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