The 72 Virgins Will Just Have To Wait

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, the living Boston bomber, was charged with using a weapon of mass destruction and other counts that could bring him the death penalty.  That’s the good news.  Some radical Muslim Jihadists believe in a literal reading of the Koran.  They interpret the text as martyrs for Allah will be given untold wealth and 72-virgins upon arrival in heaven – or some such horseshit.

The alternative to execution – life without the possibility of parole – is the far-worse bad news.  As a Federal prisoner, Tsarnaev would probably get placed in Florence, Colorado at SuperMax – the maximum-security Federal prison.  SuperMax has been challenged in court by Amnesty International among others for cruel and inhumane punishment.

Each prisoner at SuperMax is in solitary confinement – forever.   A small black and white TV is about the only privilege they can earn – often after years of incarceration.  They are locked down 23 out of 24-hours per day.  Their 1-hour exercise period is in an enclosed, windowless corridor – alone – where they are not allowed balls or any other recreational toy.  Many will never see the sun nor the moon for the rest of their lives.

At SuperMax the prisoners do not interact with guards nor ever see another prisoner. No talking is allowed.  Food is pushed through slots and reading material is severely limited. They are allowed four family or lawyer non-contact visits per month but few are used because of the prison’s isolation.  If a prisoner becomes insane, he never gets a free pass to a mental institution and suicide is not an option.

Tsarnaev is quite young so there’s a good chance he’ll spend over 50-years living this bleak existence.  I’m not saying this is good or bad.  I am saying I personally would plead for the death penalty.

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