The ‘Where Do I? Sign’


I was riding down the freeway yesterday with my friend, Bosco.  Well, of course, his name really isn’t Bosco – but Wes didn’t want me to use his real name – so I won’t.  Anyway, we were driving along and Bosco pointed out a sign similar to the one above.

“Do you know why the ‘Exit’ sign is on that side of the bigger sign?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

“It’s so you know to get in the right hand lane.”


“It’s true,” Bosco said, “You never believe anything!  Exit signs are put on top of name signs to designate in which lane you should drive.  If it’s on the middle of the sign, you stay in the lane you’re in.”

“When did they start this?”

“Oh, about a million years ago when they first had more than one lane going in the same direction on highways.”

“Well if nobody knows about it, what good does it do?”

“Everyone knows about it – except you, apparently.”

“That’s sooo bullshit!  No one except you – who’s probably made this all up – knows anything about it,” I said. So Bosco said:

“You’re probably one of those friggin’ idiots who cuts people off because he doesn’t know which lane he’s supposed to be in.” (Bosco can become very moody at times).

So readers, please Comment on this to let Bosco know he’s wrong – or if there’s a huge conspiracy designed to keep me in the dark – and in the wrong lane.

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6 Responses to “The ‘Where Do I? Sign’”

  1. Brenda says:

    Well Franco, I don’t know because in a convoluted way it makes sense. If they don’t do it that way, it may be a good idea to. However, when I first met my husband he had me convinced (for a minute anyway) stop signs that have a white border around them mean stop is optional. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel bad. I think Wes, oops, Bosco is pulling your chain, but really he may be on to something.

  2. Frank Paolo says:

    Your husband sounds like a fellow nutbuster (so to speak) – I’d love to meet him someday.

    Years ago, when I first dated my future ex-wife, she was very young and post-Beatles. She loved the song “Michelle” but did not understand French. I “translated” it for her (even though I didn’t speak French either – of course I didn’t tell her that). I forgot all about it.

    Years later, someone who REALLY could speak French told her what it meant. She was only a little pissed because (she said) my version was definitely better and more romantic. Ah, love is blind…………

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Doesn’t it mean “Michelle my bell- your alright for an American soon to be ex-wife but I’m already eyeballing the French First lady? And why in hell did you wear pure white to a French memorial service to the American dead at the Normandy invasion? Didn’t you notice eveerybody else wears black to a funeral? Oh heck I forgot your from Detroit.”

  4. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    This has a little to do with exit ramps and was for real- the service truck i was on had a real reel of verry heavy copper wire on a real real big reel on the back of the service truck sitting so when the truck went forward the wire would play out- IE- the stops were BEHIND the real real big real, and a cop car was guiding us because we were working on a highway. As it was it was a two laned exit, going downhill. But there were no stops on the real to keep it from going faster than the truck, and it did, going downhill. I looked out the passenger window and saw this gigantic real heavy reel of copper wire that looked just like the real we had on our truck flying past me in the other lane toward the intersection. I thought gee that’s weird there’s a real of wire just like our real of wire flying past us with a cop honking his horn and blaring his siren. You couldn’t guide a couple of thousand pound real of wire down a hill and between cars and through an intersection staying in it’s lane like that in a million years. It WAS the cops job to make sure the highway was safe and we weren’t that stupid. So he let us off with a warning. I THINK he was in more of a hurry to find the nearest port-o-let to clean himself than to chew us out.

  5. amy stahl says:

    hey Franco, wasnt the Cobb salad named after your great uncle?

  6. Frank Paolo says:

    That’s right, Amy. His first name was “Cornonda”.

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