Thanks For Asking

Frank Paolo

Publishing my e-mail address: ( ) has caused a number of readers to use it and ask me some questions. I almost always respond personally (unless you’re a real idiot) but some of you are too lazy to send your questions.  So here are a few you may have had and parts of my answers:

White House: “OK, We Lied”
“Did the White House say these exact words?” No. The title quotation marks are mine – the lies are theirs,  An exact quote is in the post; apparently the attack was not “self-evident” a week ago.

Take My Wife … Please
“The Bible says …. (blah, blah)” Buddy, the Bible says whatever you want it to say. I respect it as much as I respect the Koran and other religious works of fiction which feature good parables.

The Sky Is Falling! Club
“You’re naive. These things MAY still happen.” I MAY grow 5-more inches and become 10-years younger.  Probably not going to happen.

What America Teaches Kids About Sex
“If we listened to you, there would be many more teenage pregnancies, drop outs, and our society would continue in a moral cesspool.” I’d be amazed if anyone listened to me.

Cats: A+ on Intelligence; C- on Attitude
“Is your cat Wednesday a Bombay?” I’ll ask her but I doubt it. Wednesday is a ‘rescue cat’ – as was every cat who’s owned me.
“Wednesday looks like my cat.” Wednesday IS your cat – I stole her.

You Can’t Reason With Rabid Dogs
“I think your language is offensive….” Tough shit.

America: Overweight, Overpaid, and Over Here
“You seem to hate America.” You are so wrong.  I’ve heard this whine since my anti-Vietnam War days by people who confuse jingoism for patriotism and anti-Americanism for legal dissent.

7 Responses to “Thanks For Asking”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    there ARE many more teenage pregnancies, drop outs, and our society continus in a moral cesspool. But I don’t think you could have knocked them all up because the boys drop out to screw the little whores who are already in the cesspool looking for their missing Mom’s and Dad’s who MIGHT be just somewhere reading your blog but certainly not long enough for all that 50 second humping. Lucky little lazy bastards.

  2. Bill says:

    The sky has always been falling. The hordes of Genghis Khan and the black death really did look like the clap of doom in their day; we have it easy in comparison.

  3. Dora says:

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  4. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    UNLESS you worked for the great Kahn.

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