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Where Do I Sign?

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

The Inauguration is over – and now the work begins. The country isn’t going to fix itself and Obama doesn’t have any magic wands. But he does have one huge gift: an ability to inspire. How do I know?

Because he’s inspired me.

I would now like to give blocks of my time to anywhere in Rochester where I can be of help. Let’s start with 10-hours of volunteer time and see where it goes. I can teach people to deliver presentations, help them with interviewing skills, write just about anything, or mop floors. This time isn’t a gift – it’s a small contribution to the cause of America.

In the spirit of  us coming together, I would be especially interested in working with Veterans’ groups. I have been a very vocal anti-war advocate for many years and some people have suggested that’s disrespectful to our troops. That’s baloney – there are few people I respect more.

So there’s my offer to volunteer. Please ‘e’ me at:

How may I be of service?