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We’ve Got “Talent” and We Don’t Care

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009


I don’t pretend to understand all the issues around Obama’s national health care plan. Sounds like a great idea if we could afford it – which we can’t. But we always seem to be able to find the money for a new war misadventure.  Hey, maybe the President got a call from Iraq saying they’re paying us back a few hundred billion for helping them out. Right.

Anyway, Obama’s address to the nation was going to start at 9:00 pm EST like they always do. But the networks balked at blowing all of that prime time commercial space over something as trivial as national health care.  Especially NBC -which protected viewers from switching hours for its hit show “America’s Got Talent”.  Of course 8:00 pm in Washington means 5:00 pm on the West Coast – right when most people are getting out of work.

But really, who cares?  California is broke and has already given us enough health advice to last into the next century.  Washington State and Oregon?  I think we sold them to Canada – it doesn’t matter – at least we’re flush with “reality” shows.  So look at the bright side: in the future if you’ve got some disease that’s killing you because you couldn’t afford health care, you can still watch quality television programming to take your mind off the pain.

Do I think America’s priorities are due to ignorance or apathy?  I don’t know and I don’t care.