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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

My friends were being transparently diplomat.

“Of course the nation NEEDS your social commentary, political editorials, and the laughs -BUT you’ve been a top Business Presentation consultant for over 25-years. Don’t you think your Blog readers (now usually between 100 and 200 readers EVERY DAY -thankyouverymuch) DESERVE a bit of that expertise for putting up with you?”

So OK. Let’s run this for a month and see how it goes. EVERY SUNDAY for at least 4-weeks, I will devote a blog post to making you a Great Presenter. You will learn things about Presentations that you’ll NEVER learn in Speech 101, Dale Carnegie, or Toastmasters. I focus on Presentations by Actual Human Beings – hence the name of my website: There’s a link to the right under Blogroll. Give a visit if you haven’t been there.

Top corporate executives pay about $300/hour for my services. Of course they get the advantage of a personal videotape analysis of their presentation styles, ME – charmingly in person, and we do it all in the comfort and privacy of their own executive suites.What will YOU learn every week? Certainly a lot less than that – BUT some tips to make you a Great Presenter at a price anyone can afford (free). And we’ll have some fun – promise!

Some of the ideas are out of my book, How to Make a Great Presentation in 2-Hours (Lifetime Books, 1993). After two printings, the book is now out of print in this country but it’s being pirated in at least FOUR other countries (BTW – if you can get me a copy of the Chinese edition, I’ll be your friend forever).

Anyway……let’s give it a shot. I know you will learn a lot – have some fun – and become a better presenter. Quite frankly, there’s not a skill you can develop that will advance your career more. LET’S KICK SOME PRESENTATION ASS!



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