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Shove Your Sign and Your Cause!

Friday, September 12th, 2008

I drove passed Planned Parenthood this afternoon. The usual, self-righteous dimwits were waving their gross signs and trying to bully young women from going inside. I slowed down and an old guy made eye contact with me and waved his sign. I think he was expecting my head to nod or my horn to honk in support. He seemed shocked when I slammed my middle finger into the windshield and scowled.

You probably know how I feel about abortion from a recent post (Copy&Paste into the Search Box: The Bad Birds and The B’s). I’m pro-choice but I think abortion is a lousy, last choice when there are so many better alternatives like birth control and RU486. AND dweebs like this guy have done their best unwittingly to INCREASE unwanted pregnancies and abortions by opposing any sexually progressive ideas like non-moralistic sex education in schools and Plan B.

Someone out there agreed and sent me a study by the Guttmacher Institute which is the world’s leading think tank on sexual and reproductive issues. These people are researchers and scientists without any false Biblical axes to grind. What did they find in one study?

Expanding Medicaid coverage for contraception – so that it matches Medicaid coverage for pregnancy-related care – would enable low-income women to prevent a total of nearly 500,000 unwanted pregnancies annually, including 200,000 abortions and save taxpayers $1.5 Billion dollars a year. (And these figures do not include future welfare costs of these children and their children, etc.)

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Why would most women have abortions if they could easily prevent their pregnancies in the first place? But I guess Anti-Abortion people have that direct line to God which supersedes the intelligence with which some would say He created us.

I wish the parents of all these sign-wavers had used birth control – lots of it.


The Bad Birds and the SOB’s

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I’m getting really tired of the Anti-Abortion people. I refuse to call them ‘Right-to-Life’ -because the only lives for which they care are people who share their narrow values. I don’t respect them at all because they refuse to acknowledge their role in all the abortions performed and they are basically lying to anyone who will listen.

To me, abortion should only be a choice of last resort. Ideally, every pregnancy should be planned. I know that’s not going to happen but we could get a lot closer if misguided anti-abortion activists got out of the way. These are the same people who oppose sex education in school unless abstinence is the only choice taught, oppose the widespread distribution of inexpensive birth control methods to anyone who wants them, oppose any sex between anyone not married (and, of course, no gays at all), oppose any “abortion pill” such as RU486, oppose masturbation, and now they’re becoming more vocal in opposing Plan B – an emergency contraception pill.

These fanatics think they have an exclusive pipeline to God and the rest of us are murderers if we support a woman’s right to choose. They think Plan B pills cause an abortion by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. But they’re about the only nitwits who define abortion in that way. Virtually everyone else in the world regards Plan B as an emergency contraceptive which PREVENTS a pregnancy from occurring in the first place. There is no abortion!

Let’s be honest. Anti-Abortion people are against much more than abortion – they’re really against any sex outside of a Christian marriage. So when an uninformed minor cannot get birth control, then is denied the use of emergency contraception, becomes pregnant, knows she cannot talk to her doctor without her parents knowing, panics, and then has an abortion – who’s really to blame?

Who are the REAL murderers here?