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“Sewing a Moonbeam to a Fart”

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Remember when we took the picture above, Eric? The excitement, the idealism, the idea of positive change! The noble goal of starting to take Washington back for the people – the REAL people? The farmer, the mechanic, the small shop owner, and working Moms too? We fought pretty hard, didn’t we?

There I am in the last row between a few signs. And there I am in a crouch up front – then standing right next to you with a big, hopeful smile on my face. Oh, there I am on the other side too, looking pensive – a bit unsure – but putting my hopes in you. Look, I’m right there – the person who believed in you. Who believed you could represent the “new politics” in a rotten, corrupt system. I believed in you when you said you would stand up to the power party bosses. And I believed in you when you said you’d say ‘no’ to special interest money.

What are the chances you’ll embrace those ideals once again even if it means losing you next election? Those around me say the chances equal those of the title quote above.


Or maybe this old Navy guy will put back on his steel chalones, go back to his original campaign contribution pledge, tell the bosses he is NOT just a team player, and for two years he’ll fight like hell for the little guy regardless of the consequences.

If you go that way, Eric, there’s a good chance we’ll see you on the national news. If you choose not to, chances are you’ll end up as a forgotten footnote in a dull history book which nobody reads.

Your move, Eric.


Slave to Special Interests? “Yes, Massa…”

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Southern NY Dem-Rep. Eric Massa loudly campaigned last fall against his incumbent rival for – among other things – accepting Special Interest money. Not a buck of that dirty old money went into Eric’s pocket – no sir! Massa won the election by the narrowest of margins after a recount. He’s now been in Congress for a month and guess what? He’s changed his mind!

Massa now prefers the politician’s favorite position: the outstretched palm. Line up, Special Interest Boys! This is one sleazy nit whose political ancestry might be shared with the last governor of Illinois. But wait – there’s more!  To explain his fast track sprint to the sewer, Rep. Massa delivered this memorable line: “I’m not going to place a $3 million tax on my constituents.”

Say what?

See, he’s doing his constituents a favor. To win re-election in two years, Massa doesn’t want to have to burden the poor voters in his district for campaign contributions. The Special Interests crowd will do it for them – probably out of the goodness of their hearts and expecting nothing in return. Right. Kind of gives you a warm, runny feeling all over, doesn’t it?

And did someone mention RE-election? As in “this friggin’ goof’s only been in office a month and he’s already running for RE-ELECTION!?” Oh, never mind – that’s what they all do.

Can anyone spell: R-E-C-A-L-L? When is enough, enough?