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For President – (reluctantly) – OBAMA – (Part 1)

Friday, July 25th, 2008

My love for American politics got blown away with the back of John Kennedy’s head in 1963. I was 13. As a well-read kid, I knew the ‘Oswald – Lone Nut’ theory was a crock of shit – but I couldn’t understand why our own govern- ment would lie to us. Today 4 out of 5 Americans do not believe the “Official” report – but at that time (when the numbers were reversed) you too would have gotten mighty confused had you been 13 – and all the adults thought of you as just a precocious dope.

I still clung on to parts of the American Political Fantasy for the next 5-years. I still wanted to believe. Then Martin Luther King was murdered by a “drifter” who didn’t have enough money for a decent room – but managed to travel around the world with lots of cash. Another ‘lone nut’ – hmmm.

But at least Bobby could light the beacon of America again – maybe – he was the only one left! Right. He was left on the floor of a hotel’s pantry filled with more bullets than he and the surrounding walls could possibly catch from the single gun of the convicted assassin.

My belief in the American political system was in tatters – but I still wanted to believe. Then came Vietnam. THAT WAS IT! Enough was enough. I refused to be taken for a fool any longer. Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me a dozen times ……………

I was given a college deferment so some other 19-year old could get his (usually black and poor) ass shot off. At least I had enough decency to tell my local draft board, “give me any goddam status you want: I’M NOT GOING! Yank my deferment – DRAFT ME! – Let’s get it on, MF-ers!” I never heard from them again. I entered college as a Political Science major – who refused to vote.

“But you know so much about politics!” people chirped, “Why don’t you vote?

“You just answered your own question,” I’d say.


Tomorrow: Part II – Why vote? Why Obama?