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Friday, August 22nd, 2008

is a dish best eaten cold.”



Friday, July 18th, 2008

Pee-Shy – pee-shie (noun) A difficulty or inability to urinate on command or desire – in front of other people.

Except for a very few people, being “pee-shy” isn’t an issue. I always use a stall instead of a urinal in a public mens room and I’m sure my poor bladder would burst before I could “go” in those troughs where men stand shoulder -to- shoulder. Good thing I’m not a guest at a ‘Razor Wire Hotel’ run by the New York State Department of Correctional Services. Urine drug tests are given to inmates with a Correctional Officer or two watching.

I’m not surprised CO’s don’t trust inmates – I wouldn’t either. Women inmates are not in prison because they sang too loudly in the church choir. But Pee tests CAN (in some cases) be used as tools of intimidation by Power Pigs.

Case in point: my friend N. was just given ANOTHER urine test. Remarkably she had been given 19 (!) before in her brief stay AND WAS CLEAN EVERY SINGLE TIME! But now she was up for parole – and the guards don’t want her to leave because she has mental health issues and they have fun playing amusing, little mind games with her. N. was told to strip and stand over a toilet for the test with her little audience of uniformed, drooling dimwits.

She was “pee-shy” for an hour – it didn’t matter – they’d wait. One hour passed, then two, then N. began to cry – didn’t matter. They had to give her three hours. They did, she got more and more stressed and could not go in the allotted time. Results? AUTOMATIC FAILURE – withholding urine from an Officer. So N. got thrown into solitary confinement and lost her parole bid.

Of course in a civilized world, the CO’s could have offered her an over- the-counter diuretic for guaranteed results. Right. But you must remember, there are some Power Pig CO’s who use the test NOT as a drug screen – but as their own little brand of torture.

Let me stress here the VAST MAJORITY of NYS Correctional Officers are professional, well-trained, and actually more compassionate than I could ever be in a very difficult job. But a very few are mean bullies who hate inmates, their jobs, and undoubtedly, their lives.

One of the worst at Albion is BATES* (and yes, that’s her real last name). She is a fat, ugly, loud bully who is detested by most of the inmates.

Am I afraid of being sued for slander by BEAST BATES? Of course not! Bullies only pick on those who are weaker than they are. And even if someone read this to her (I’m quite sure she can’t read) I wouldn’t be afraid. I have never feared bullies because they’re really spineless saps who are NOTHING without their threats.

Oh, and SCALISE, would you like to get in this discussion? I haven’t been so proud of being Italian since Joey Buttafuco was around. You remember Joey, right? His girlfriend, Amy Fisher, stayed at your joint after shooting his wife. Unfortunately, one of your guards RAPED her and she got to go free. Good job! And I probably shouldn’t even mention CO BLACK here ….right?


* Since writing this post, I have learned there are 2 Officers named BATES. I remember the woman BATES who can be described with the words above. I understand the man isn’t much better.