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Kelly Rippa NUDE (From Memory*)

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

*Yes, I had an affair with Kelly.  You might wish to Copy & Paste into my ‘Search’ box: Having An Affair


Friday, August 22nd, 2008

is a dish best eaten cold.”


Kelly Ripa NUDE (From Memory*)

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

My post yesterday dealt with American sexual hypocrisy. It seems we’ve always been a society of Pilgrim Perverts pointing fingers at anyone who enjoys what is one of the most enjoyable aspects of human life.

When I was growing up Catholic, sex was for having babies only, masturbation was a mortal sin (punishable by an eternity in hell), and nuns were “married” to Jesus (polygamy at its dullest). I guess the ‘church’ has lightened up a bit on that crap – but only after polluting the minds of hundreds of millions of children for centuries. And they, of course, passed it on to their children …. ad nauseum. Sexual repression has a big price tag. Victorian England spawned the practices of Sadism/ Masochism and Bondage/ Discipline among other tangental sexual sports. And the sickness of the Catholic church resulted in countless alter boy adventures.

Yesterday I saw an example of what sexual starvation can lead to. My Blog Counter went nuts over my “Red, White, and Blue Balls” post – literally hundreds MORE surfers came to my site! I couldn’t figure it out until I checked the ‘Key Words’ which drove them here. What were they? “Nastia Liukin Nude” – even though I said I was JUST KIDDING.

It’s kind of sad really. Hundreds of people on the net trying to get a peek at the 20-year old’s bobo. I shouldn’t have been surprised – after all, this is the nation which freaked over LaToya Jackson’s nip slip and Hannah Montana’s (god knows what).

So today I’m running my Kelly Nude (From Memory) – it just might overload my blog’s server. And the REAL SAD fact is, in the dark, we all look pretty much alike (except in our minds).


*Yes, I had an affair with Kelly. After this article you might wish to Copy & Paste into my ‘Search’ box: Having An Affair.

Red, White, & Blue Balls

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

What Americans Teach Their Kids About Sex:

“Sex is a dirty, shameful thing. Make sure you
save it for someone you love. Any questions?”


Tomorrow: Nastia Liukin NUDE (JUST KIDDING!) Kelly Ripa NUDE (NOT KIDDING!)