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A Tax On Stupid People

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009


Like me. And you – if you play New York State Lottery Games – or any Lotteries bigger than church bingo. The games have been called “voluntary taxes paid by people who are too dumb to understand odds”. Well I understand odds. My rationale is much more sophisticated than that. I pay a dollar or two to dream of winning and you can’t win if you don’t play. Pretty smart, huh? Naw, not so smart. Actually it’s pretty dumb when you know the odds – which you can find on the NYLottery website.

See the pretty ticket above? It costs a dollar. And $500.00 a week for Life is a pretty good prize, right? So here come the official NYS odds for this dream. We’ll start on the smaller prizes first – get ready to WIN!

The odds against winning $1 are 8.77 to 1. For you non-bettors, that means on average, you’d have to buy about NINE tickets to scratch off a dollar winner. But, as the brighter ones in the group have already figured out, you don’t really “win” a dollar because that’s how much you paid for the ticket. So, OK – to win a dollar, you’ve really got to win $2 on the ticket. Odds against a two dollar ticket? About 47 to 1. WHAT? That’s right, Skippy; to actually win a dollar, on average, you’d have to scratch off 47-tickets.

It gets better, right? Right, this is New York State. To win $10, you’ll have to scratch 200 tickets. $100? Get ready to buy 50- thousand, 400-tickets. That’s a lot of buying and scratching for a hundred bucks. And the Grand Prize? $500 a week for Life? Get your coin out and start scratching. Better make it a few coins, you’ll need to scratch 7,938,000 tickets.

Don’t tell anyone though. It kind of ruins the game if you know it would take almost three entire lifetimes of around-the-clock scratching to win $500 a week for the rest of your life. Plus, about $8-million dollars in tickets.

You never gamble on a dull presentations at:

Thanks, Megan.

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Megan Marshack laying down some ‘tude.

In June, my friend Paul from PopWars (link on right) put a Counter on this blog. I am very pleased (and a little shocked) because it’s received over 9,000 hits from you since then. The Internet is amazing!

It also surprises me how many of you have gotten here without advertising or sponsors. One of the chief ways is by Key Words in Google Searches. And what surprises me even more are the search terms that drive the numbers.

Of course I knew promising Kelly Ripa nude or Sarah Palin “bare” in fun would catch a lot of voyeuristic wannabe’s – but there’s a name that ranks almost as high – Megan Marshak.


Megan is featured in my post; “What Do You Say to a Naked Governor?” (Copy & Paste- Naked Governor -into my Search box if you’re interested). Why is she so popular today nearly 30-years after she got out from under a tough situation? I have no idea but – thank you: Megan and Paul and Amy and Rich and Bill (this is beginning to sound like the goddam Academy Awards!) so anyway…..thanks, everyone, Happy Trails!