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Are You Crazy? Are you just CRAZY!?!

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Here’s a stylish, new sportjacket for anyone voting the McSame/ Palin ticket. Since McSame voted for Bush policies over 90% of the time, if he’s elected, we can expect four more years of pretty much the same thing.

The Bush legacy:

– An unnecessary war without end which costs America $3-billion/ week.

– A failure of focus on the war in Afghanistan and losing Asama Bin Killer.

– A record budget deficit despite the promises to “cut government spending”.

– The Katrina cleanup debacle.

– A crashed economy.

– A tripling of the national debt.

– A stock market which has lost over 40% of its value in one year.

– Unemployment rising every quarter.

– The Patriot Act.

– Torture by our military.

– The $700-billion undeserved buyout.

– An arrogant attitude towards the rest of the world resulting in a new wave of anti-Americanism.

– Strong attempts to turn back the clock on issues like abortion, execution, sex education, and the rights of citizens.


– a theft of pride and hope in America by the American people.

Thinking of not voting for Obama because you’re not quite sure what he’s going to do?

Let me ask you this – could he do any worse than the WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY?


Are We There Yet?

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

We’ve only just started August and I’m already so sick of this presidential campaign, I wish they would hold the election tomorrow, cancel it altogether, or have Michelle Obama and Mrs. McSame decide the winner by a nude, oil- wrestling match. (BTW – I’d bet the Blond Bombshell would win in the first round- she’s COLD, bro!)

McClone compares Obama to Britney and Paris, late night comedians are dusting off all their “old” jokes to stick it to the potential Mc-hip-breaker, and the murderous, moronic Iraq war goes on and on and on. AND we’re supposed to listen to all this crap for another 3 FULL MONTHS!? Not me.

Look – this is the easiest choice for President since Hoover-Roosevelt in 1932.

• Do you like how things have gone for America these last 8-years? Fine – vote for McSame.

• Do you think it’s time to change course – although it has risks that ANY change implies? Good – Ochange-a is your man.

What can be simpler?

Me? I’m going to ignore ANYTHING ELECTION for the next three months and enjoy the rest of the Summer and Fall. “See ya – wouldn’t want to be-ya.” I now remember why I didn’t participate in this brain-dead, repetitious, stink- filled, sound-bitten, bullshit process (except once) for FORTY YEARS! I’ll try not to laugh – or cry – from the sidelines.