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Accessory To Murder?

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

There are people who think Turd Christian Pastor Terry Jones should be tried as an accessory to murder for the deaths caused by Muslim rioting.  It’s an interesting discussion.

We Americans are proud of our right to freedom of speech. There is a line however – we don’t allow people to scream “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. Why? Because that action would present a ‘clear and immediate danger’ to other people.  In other words, their right to live without harm is greater than the rights of the screamer.

Doesn’t promoting a film ridiculing Muhammad have a guarantee of clear and immediate danger?  Of course it does – especially based on recent history.  In 2010, Turd Jones threatened to burn 200 Korans. Muslim riots ensued killing a number of people – just as everyone knew it would.

A few weeks ago, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff  called Jones asking him not to promote this film because of the danger.  Jones ignored him. The terrorists of Al-Queda immediately used the film to incite riots for their 911 attacks – again resulting in deaths including our Ambassador to Libya.

Unfortunately in this case, I believe Turd Jones’ freedom of speech is more important than the results it’s produced. The people in the theater have no voluntary choice in the matter of being trampled – Muslims do have a choice of how they react to the film.

Like the reprehensible  spectacle of a burning American flag, Pastor Hatred is a disgusting symbol of America’s proud tradition of freedom of speech.