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Racism, USA

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009


It seems former President Jimmy Carter just discovered that racism still exists in the United States and that’s why there’s so much nastiness when people oppose President Obama’s policies.

Well, he got the first part right.  OF COURSE there’s still racism in our country!  The fact that 1-year ago you could have bought this button for $4.99 + $3.99 shipping on e-Bay is a pretty good hint. But does he think if some white guy – say, Ted Kennedy – became President and tried to radically change this nation’s direction he would have a stroll through the park?  Uh-uh. The Neo-Nasties would still be carrying on about Socialism at town meetings and there would still be some jerk Congressman yelling “You lie!” at the President. These people don’t fear Blacks – they fear CHANGE – no matter in which flavor it’s served.

“Well, they hate us as much as we hate them,” babble anonymous white racists through electronic white sheets in computer political talk forums. And I think in many instances, they’re probably right. But I’d like to ask a simple question:

So what?

What most white people can’t seem to grasp is there’s a HUGE difference between white racism and black racism. White racism keeps Blacks out of America’s power structure.  Yes, I know there are exceptions.  In an ocean of white corks, a few black ones pop up. One heads the country. One heads the Xerox Corporation. One is Robert Dinero’s wife.  But at the REAL power enclaves like most corporate, stock, and banking top floors, exclusive country clubs, and black-tie charity balls, the only Black people you’ll see are holding trays and taking coats.

And Black racism?  What if you’re white and Black people can’t stand you?  What are they going to do?  Keep you out of the Gospel Choir at the local Antioch Baptist Church? You’ll live.

Anyway, generation after generation, racism in America is decreasing.  So, they tell us, are the glaciers in Anarctica.

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