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Should We Give America Back To The Indians?

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

"May we have our country back, please?"

Well of course we “should”.  Our ancestors tricked the natives off their own land and if they resisted, we slaughtered them.  We had no more right to this country than criminals walking into your home and throwing you and your family out the back door.

Are we going to give the country back?  Are you tripping?  Of course not!  That’s just the way it is.  Reality isn’t a morality play.

I bring this up because of the new debates over Israel and Palestine.

After World War II, the British, the US, and the newly-formed United Nations muscled many of the Palestinians off their own land to set up the state of Israel.  Of course many of the new “trespassers” demanded their “homeland” back.  Instead, they got a faceful of desert sand – kind of like the dirt we gave the Indians (called ‘reservations’).

Although this is simplified, it’s historically pretty accurate.  Now add to this a bunch of Biblical bullshit, Jewish memories of the Holocaust, and Israeli nuclear weapons and we’ve got the mess we call the Mideast.  Will Palestinians ever “recognize” Israel’s right to exist? Never – would you?

And will Israel ever give their country back?  Sure – just as soon as America gives this country back to the Indians.