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Don’t Ax Me…

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Why Does Sarah Continue to Make an Ass of Herself?

On Nov. 20, Palin appeared on local Alaska TV during an event to “pardon” a turkey from slaughter – a la the strange and macabre annual White House ritual. Palin, 44, proceeded to give a lengthy interview as live turkeys were fed into a machine that sliced off their heads and drained their blood – clearly pictured behind her.

Earlier, when told the turkey-slaughtering machine might not exactly be a great backdrop for the interview, Palin babbled “This is neat. I was happy to be invited to this.”

Remember, this is the same bimbo that was proud to shoot wolves from low-flying airplanes. If there were any justice in the world, the wolves would have been allowed to fire back.

Some people actually believe this dopey, caribou hugger is the future of the Republican Party (wink, sexy smile). A better bet? Palin has more chance of being an obscure Trivial Pursuit answer in the next decade – or the center-spread shot in Hustler Magazine’s Celebrity Issue.