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Good News Law-Abiding Killers: It’s 10 Again

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Mass murderers in New York State are confused. The ban on rifle magazines holding more than seven bullets was set to start April 15. If you wanted to kill more than seven people with one magazine, you had to do it before then. The 7-bullet count has now been suspended “indefinitely” so the Governor’s budget can pass.

Bullet clips are only manufactured in 10- and 15-round sizes. Murderers were supposed to load them with only 7-bullets. Who would have counted the number of bullets loaded?  That part wasn’t made clear in the bill.

Since enforcing the 7-bullet limit wasn’t included, the NYS Legislature kind of counted on killers to police themselves I guess.  It actually may have worked in some cases.  Before he killed anyone, a mass murderer may have remembered NYS gun laws and died laughing.

What Laws Will YOU Obey?

Monday, January 21st, 2013

I’ve been a criminal most of my life. From Vietnam protests and sit-ins, cohabitation, recreational drug use, gambling, speeding, pulling off mattress tags, and a bunch of other stuff – I’ve been an American outlaw. And I’ve caught a lot of shit for it too, mostly from people with Conservative views. For over 40-years I’ve been told:

“You don’t get to make up your own rules or pick and choose the laws you’ll obey.  You live in a society of laws, not men. If you don’t like the laws, change them!  But you MUST obey the laws we have – ALL of them.” Right.

We have an interesting scenario today.  Conservatives are loudly protesting stricter gun control.  As loyal readers know,  I am AGAINST more gun control (type ‘gun control’ into my search box.) I’m against them for a few simple reasons:  they don’t work, they’re unenforceable, and there are millions of guns already out there.  What’s the point of this new legislation except more ‘feel good’ laws?

I have a strong position on living in this society.  Do ANYTHING you want as long as you don’t step on somebody else’s freedom. And try not to get caught.

I’m curious now.  Will Conservative gun-owners obey ALL the laws and do what they’ve preached to me for over four decades?  Or will they hypocritically pick and choose only the laws they decide to follow?

My guess?  “Do as I say – not as I do.”  Let’s see.

Wild Gunfire By The NRA

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

The National Rifle Association is going nuts. When its proposal for an armed officer in every school in the nation flopped, it hyperventilated into out-of-control hysteria.  A new NRA ad calls President Obama an “elitist hypocrite” because his daughters’ security detail carries guns and he’s not in favor of guns in every school.

“Are the president’s kids more important than yours?” the ad asks.

No,  dumb asses – but every school kid is not continually threatened with violence by mentally ill people and  terrorists.  With this ridiculous argument, the NRA is slipping into the nut category occupied by lunatic fringes of anti-smoking, anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-religious, and anti-minority groups.

That’s unfortunate because the NRA has a long history of supporting the safe and sane use of firearms.  In the past it actually helped draft legislation to control guns, require background checks, and promoted firearm safety programs for kids and adults.  It was a well-respected organization that recognized the 2nd Amendment while acknowledging some controls and better training were necessary and beneficial for modern times.  How did extremists take charge?

I don’t know – but I do know that these personal, absurd arguments are going to backfire.

Gun Contol Is Not The Magic Bullet

Friday, January 11th, 2013

The hysteria over more gun control is growing louder. Nut cases from both sides are turning up the volume on craziness. There’s even talk of Obama by-passing Congress and imposing anti-gun laws by Executive Order. That’s a very bad idea.  America elected him President – not King.

People forget the main reason for more gun laws is to make us safer.  If you look at the facts, you’ll see strict gun controls can’t do that. Today violent gun deaths are actually decreasing even though Americans are buying more guns. When there was a ban on assault weapons, the numbers did not change much.  Mass murders – like we saw in Sandy Hook – have remained about the same for decades. Virtually all of them were committed with licensed, registered guns. The media has sensationalized these tragedies to a disgusting degree.

For a rational discussion of the issue from a fair source, please go to:

Is It Too Soon To Be Rational?

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Right now, America is understandably awash in overwhelming emotion and a desperation to blame something for Friday’s massacre.

There’s no better example than gun control.

Hysterical proponents of strict anti-gun legislation would ban all guns if given the chance.  Less extreme anti-gunners demand bans on assault weapons, magazine clips for bullets, and more extensive background checks.

Gun freaks shout about their 2nd Amendment rights and each believes he has the right to own enough firepower to arm a small army. In addition to hunting, security, and general paranoia, they naively want weapons to protect themselves “against the government.”

Both sides are thinking more with their hearts than their heads.

How can we stop these shootings of innocents?  Sadly, we can’t – and never will.  Just a few facts about which to think:

• America has almost 300-million guns out there.  No one is talking about confiscating them. That would be impossible.

• Gun control has never been able to curb violence.  The four guns and bullets used in Sandy Hook were legally bought and registered. Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

• When gunners say things like, “Cars kill more people than guns.  Shall we ban cars?”  they just sound stupid and inflame virtually everyone else.

• We will never be able to screen out and help all the mentally ill people who might harm us. And we can’t predict who will become violent.

We are a country of over 300-million free individuals swimming in a culture encased in violence.  Our country can never drastically change and continue to be a free society.  “Feel good” laws only make a few people feel good and that will only last until the next inevitable shooting.

Gun Laws Just Don’t Work

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of the mass murder of 70 teenagers in Norway. Anders Breivik has now been declared insane by a court and lives in a mental institution.  Last year Breivik, a Christian, anti-Muslim fanatic, set off a bomb killing 8 kids. Then he dressed as a policeman and went to a summer camp for teens.  Breivik killed a few, changed his location, and mowed down 60-more when they ran towards the “police” for help.

Should Norway adopt stricter gun laws?  The problem is, they now have the strictest gun laws in the Western world.  Check them out on the link below – they are extreme! But this monster was able to easily ignore the laws, buy assault weapons, and the legal ingredients for a murderous bomb.

As rational human beings, we want to find answers and solutions.  We have a very hard time accepting the fact that some horrendous events occur over which we have no control.  Passing gun laws will make some people feel better.  But to mass murderers, they won’t matter in the least.