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The United Stakes of Halliburton

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009


When younger people asked me why we stayed so long in Vietnam, I’d always say, “Brown and Root”. When they’d say, “What the hell is Brown and Root?”, I’d say “It was a huge Texas conglomerate that made billions from construction projects in Vietnam like the complete rebuilding of Haiphong Harbor and gave a few billion back to President Lyndon Johnson and his oil cronies in the ‘60’s. Kind of like Halliburton in Iraq today.”

A few years ago, one of these smart kids just shook his head and said, “Try to keep up, old man. Brown and Root is now a SUBSIDIARY of Halliburton – they bought it.” Say what? Well, I should have known. No matter how corrupt American politics gets, beneath the surface, it’s always much worse than we can possibly imagine.

Joseph Belle-Isle is a faithful reader of this blog whom I’ve never met. He gets a few laughs from it and also frequently writes comments about my posts. To me, his comment on my last post, “Chatty Cheney” is about as clear as you can get on the true nature of power and American politics. Please go back and read it.

Joseph is a Veteran and this is Memorial Day Weekend. Veterans have made possible blogs like this by protecting our freedom of speech. I hope you’ll thank a Veteran sometime this weekend – there’s no politics involved. People like Johnson, Bush, and Cheney send them into war and they don’t get the “spoils”. They get shit – and some don’t come back home.

A few years ago, I thanked a Vet (who was working in a store) for the first time in my life. I felt like a total asshole. I mean, who was I to intrude on this man’s past, and sacrifices, and service to our country? He looked me dead in the eye, smiled a little smile, and said, “You’re welcome.” Take the risk this weekend – show some balls! Thank a Vet.

Thank you, Joseph Belle-Isle.

Chatty Cheney

Friday, May 22nd, 2009


When Dick Cheney was Vice President, we rarely heard him speak.  He spoke about as much as Calvin Coolidge who hardly spoke at all. Once, when a man said he made a $10 bet if he could get the President to say more than 2-words, Cal said, “You lose.”

Cheney used to be like that. Today, you’d have to slap him to shut him  up. His diarrhea of the mouth dumps on the Obama administration as he tries to justify the cockeyed war in Iraq. He’s a much better shot at anything positive than he was at anything quail.

Before becoming Vice President, Cheney was the head of Halliburton, the private company which, without question, has made more profits (by far) than any other company in our war against Iraq and our rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Of course, awarding contracts without competitive bidding didn’t hurt the company.  Before he became Vice President, Cheney owned stock options in Halliburton worth $241, 498. Today those options are worth more than $8-million – an impressive 3,281% increase in a bad economy. Cheney has pledged to give these profits to charity. I hereby pledge to lose 20-pounds of weight in the next 10-minutes.

The Clintons made untold $zillions from Whitewater and other financial ventures and Ronald Reagan once was paid $1-million for one post-presidential speech in Japan without his “Breakfast for Bonzo” trailers. And although they’re nicer crooks, I doubt if Michelle Obama will be clipping coupons when she leaves the White House.

Oh, I’m sorry. Are you feeling patriotic this weekend? Maybe you should believe in mainstream politics. At one time you believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Warren Commission. How’d that work out for you?