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Looney Laughter

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Recycled from May 19, 2008

Years ago, one of my siblings needed some crisis mental health care. I won’t say which one of my brothers or sisters needed assistance- but both my sisters have lived in France now for over 30-years as devout Muslims – praise Allah. Draw your own conclusions. My family, along with other families in similar straits, was invited to a group discussion to talk about our situations.

Asking my family to discuss in public “our problem” was not a great idea. Hell, we hardly talked to each other. Letting other people know our business in front of other parents with looney kids seemed destined to crash out loud. But my Father agreed when told we didn’t have to talk if we didn’t want to. He and I uncomfortably sat down in a circle of chairs filled with family members and their problems.

Precisely at 7:00 pm, this huge mountain of a guy started to rumble. He had on a white shirt, buttons working hard to restrain his girth, a tie he may have won at a carnival weight-guessing booth, and glasses sliding down his sweaty nose. He put his hands at his sides, palms up, and in a voice lush with authority said, “Why are we here?”

Immediately, a nervous, skinny Dad started machine-gunning a tale of horrors and woes about his problem daughter seated next to him. Daughter bent her head and stared at the floor. Everyone was uncomfortable – Dad’s indicting story went on and on. Problem started to cry. Just then this older guy with a beard walked through the door and said,

“Ralph, get out of my chair. People, I’m sorry I’m late. I’m Dr. So & So and I couldn’t find a parking space.” Big Ralph got up smiling and started to roll his mass to another seat.

I lost it! As the rest of the group stared at the psychologist liked stunned sheep, I was uncontrollably laughing into my chest – I just couldn’t stop! My Father glared at me. Finally I got my laughs down to breath-held chuckles and Dr. Psych began talking. His first words? “Well, why are we here?”

That did it! A blast of laughter roared out of my face. I excused myself while getting up to go into the hall. Ralph beamed and I winked at him. That nut had CREDENTIALS!