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You Can’t Reason With Rabid Dogs

Friday, September 14th, 2012

US Ambassador Chris Stevens was tortured, murdered, and possibly sodomized 2-days ago by extreme Fundamentalist  Muslim fanatics. What will the US response be?  Probably massive drone strikes on “suspected al-Queda training camps” killing hundreds of innocent people, just like in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I have a better idea.

1. The US should pull out of the Mideast with all of our troops, aid, and loan programs – immediately.  We should leave a battleship or two behind to protect our rights in international waterways shipping.

2. The CIA should then hire as many “black ops” guys (international, professional assassins) as necessary to wipe out the top dozen or so Libyan fanatics responsible for Stevens’ murder.  I’d suggest they first rub their bullets in pork fat.

“Oh, the US wouldn’t do that – that’s not the American way,” Right.  We like “clean kills” with nameless and faceless civilians splattered across the sand by drones launched from Nebraska.  That’s much more civilized, isn’t it?

Of course it is!  That’s why the people of the Mideast love us so much.