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Greco is a Perv-Voyeur – If That’s Libel, SUE ME !

Monday, January 26th, 2009

(Came home late ((12:30 am)) and the only thing I saw on my 3rd-World Cable was ‘Cheaters”.  How repulsive can a show be?)

Have you ever watched ‘CHEATERS’ – the sleazy, TV tabloid that exposes cheating spouses, tapes their indiscretions, shows the tape to horrified significant others, and then sets up a meeting so the guilty party is caught and confronted by his or her jilted mate?

It’s great television – if you’re the sort of person who likes to torture flies and slowly burn small animals.

Until now, you’ve never read a critical word about this putrid electronic collection of insipid crap. And it’s easy to understand why: if you criticize the show, people might think you approve of infidelity. Now anyone who knows me, knows I DO NOT approve of cheating – period. By anyone – in any situation. But neither do I approve of a dirty little slime ball that exploits peoples’ problems for his own financial gain in the name of all that’s good and moral.

Joey Greco is the drama-queen creep who’s the show’s creator and host. One can easily imagine this voyeuristic moron – who’s probably a guilt-ridden ex-alter boy – drooling over his sex tapes and editing them to the ultimate climax. And he doesn’t have to feel bad about it because he’s doing something “good” – catching cheaters. I feel like washing my hands after even writing about this disgusting scum bag!

I would rather shake hands with Jimmy Swaggert – who’s a known crook in the name of the Lord – rather than this sweaty, sneaky, little pervert. Jimmy’s a religious fraud with talent (he’s Jerry Lee Lewis’s cousin) – he’d probably tell you as much after a drink or two.

But little Joey Greco is a hypocritical piece of scum who gets himself excited under his cloak of decency. I might have a drink with him too – but I sure wouldn’t let him follow me to the mens’ room.