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No Hire Education?

Monday, August 3rd, 2009


Preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow has always been the goal of higher education. In the past I thought schools did very well in achieving that objective. Today, I’m not as sure.

When I went to college in the early ’70’s, a liberal arts education was good enough for the society in which we then lived. Now schools must combine that love of learning with practical, tangible lessons in how to be successful in our present fiercely-competitive world arena.

That’s where I would like to fit in – but I can’t.

If I may immodestly say, for almost 30-years, I have successfully taught thousands of business people to make effective presentations.  I’ve worked for many Fortune 500 companies, have taken my seminars to every major city in the United States, and through 5-countries of Asia. I am a published author in my field with innovative  speech techniques and today my “Great Presentations” book is being pirated in 3-countries including China.

Besides great techniques, I know significant education must include inspiration and motivation – and I know I can perform at that level also. But my application will not even be read for a job as a city, substitute teacher, much less an instructor position at the community college or university level.  Why?  I don’t have a Masters Degree – and that’s the minimum requirement for being considered to teach today.

I have nothing against graduate degrees – really, I’d like to get one someday. But I am prepared right now to coach students to master public speaking in a different and exciting way that will put them ahead of their competitors in a perilous economy.

I know if I were an employer, I would choose a candidate who was taught to confidently and enthusiastically speak about my company over one who learned to remember only a small part of some obscure, advanced communication theory.

I wish our education institutions agreed.