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Guilty Pleasures: Ellen

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I don’t watch much TV. It’s on in the background in the morning – usually starting with the “Today” show – but that’s about it. Lately I’ve even forgotten to turn it on sometimes. I compare it to the telephone. There are far fewer people to whom I’d like to talk than call, so I just have the machine record them all and get back to the ones I want. Maybe.

I know you won’t believe this – but I never once remember sitting down to watch an entire episode of a television series. Of course this drives other people nuts but a lot of people will watch any moving “anything” that drools before their eyes. I especially never watch “talk” shows because they suffer from a toxic sameness made from homogenized mediocrity. It’s almost always some goof sitting behind a desk talking about nothing to people whom I don’t know and about whom I don’t care.

In the ‘80’s I used to watch shows filled with stand up comedians. The truly bland – like Seinfield, Leno and Letterman – pissed off the fewest number of viewers and made it to the network level. Once there, any poignant rough spots were polished off so they could sell more useless junk to more dull Americans than their competitors. The ‘truly twitchy’ like Judy Tenuta (The “Princess of Panty Shields”), Emo Philips, and Gilbert Godfrey – the ones who made people like me laugh – might as well be on milk cartons labeled ‘Missing’.

But one ‘SUC’ (Stand Up Comedian), Ellen, always impressed me. I thought she was smart, very funny, and sexy. I still do. Her show has a lot of silly, original bits in it. And even if half of them fall flat, they’re still about ten times funnier and more fun than most of the crap you see after your local news at 11:00 pm. I think it’s remarkable her humor can make me laugh and still not piss off the average TV-addict. Maybe I’m getting older. So is Ellen but she’s getting better.