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No Incumbents

Thursday, August 13th, 2009


Voting in November’s election should be easy: figure out who presently holds the office and vote for his opponent.  Our founding fathers never anticipated career politicians.  They thought it would be a sacrifice (hence “public service”) for people to take a break from their successful vocations such as farmers, lawyers, writers, inventors, and generals  – and “give” 2 or 4 years of their lives to help manage the government.

Could they have possibly imagined that our legislative domes would be filled with incompetent numbskulls who start raising money for their next election the day after winning their last one?  These nitwits  have one idea in mind: stay in office.  Don’t help them!

One sponsor who won’t contribute to any incumbent’s campaign:

Are We There Yet?

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

We’ve only just started August and I’m already so sick of this presidential campaign, I wish they would hold the election tomorrow, cancel it altogether, or have Michelle Obama and Mrs. McSame decide the winner by a nude, oil- wrestling match. (BTW – I’d bet the Blond Bombshell would win in the first round- she’s COLD, bro!)

McClone compares Obama to Britney and Paris, late night comedians are dusting off all their “old” jokes to stick it to the potential Mc-hip-breaker, and the murderous, moronic Iraq war goes on and on and on. AND we’re supposed to listen to all this crap for another 3 FULL MONTHS!? Not me.

Look – this is the easiest choice for President since Hoover-Roosevelt in 1932.

• Do you like how things have gone for America these last 8-years? Fine – vote for McSame.

• Do you think it’s time to change course – although it has risks that ANY change implies? Good – Ochange-a is your man.

What can be simpler?

Me? I’m going to ignore ANYTHING ELECTION for the next three months and enjoy the rest of the Summer and Fall. “See ya – wouldn’t want to be-ya.” I now remember why I didn’t participate in this brain-dead, repetitious, stink- filled, sound-bitten, bullshit process (except once) for FORTY YEARS! I’ll try not to laugh – or cry – from the sidelines.