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Nader for NOTHING

Sunday, February 24th, 2008


Ralph Nader is limping for President again. He’s tried two times before – and he’ll probably do as well this time. Some liberals blame him as a ‘spoiler’ in the Gore-Bush 2000 campaign – because if his people had voted for Gore in Florida, Bush wouldn’t have won that state and the election.

I don’t dislike him for that.

Conservatives hate him because he’s a socialist democrat who would heavily tax the rich and the working non-rich alike – and give it to the undeserving poor.

I don’t dislike him for that either.

I dislike Ralph Nader because he’s a self-righteous bore with a gloom and doom puss and a voice that can put manics to sleep. Have you ever seen this man smile? Has ANYONE ever seen this man smile? Ralph always walks around frowning, wringing his hands, with a skyful of black clouds over his head. He’s duller than Allan Greenspan and John McCain put together! Maybe you could invite him to your next party – just in case anyone is having a good time.

C’MON, RALPH – WAKE UP, WOULDJA? Do a few lines, shoot some meth, smoke some crack – ANYTHING – so that undertaker with a shovel walking behind you doesn’t have to keep asking, “Now? Is it time now? Is it time now?”