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The ‘I Believe in You’ Seminar Sale

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

It’s easy to feel good about a company when it’s doing well. When it’s a monopoly or the leader in its field, money flows and everyone is happy – the future looks bright. High goals are established and the methods to achieve those objectives – such as training – are planned and funded.

But when a company is not doing well, things are different – very different. When there are layoffs, benefit cuts, slashed budgets, and tumbling stock prices, a cloud of negative doom descends and flourishes. It’s like a foul odor in a long elevator ride.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have taught my ‘Great Presentation’ Seminars to over 4000 people in the companies above for over 30-years. I have also written speeches for and coached their top executives. I would be proud to do so again.

Here’s what I’ll do: I will run my seminars as I did before for a flat $500/day for 10-participants. As many of you know, this is about 20-25% of my normal fee. I will also drastically cut my fees for speechwriting, executive coaching, and my speeches. I ask other training vendors to do the same. And to show you how much I believe in the future of your companies, I will be happy to take my fee in company stock. Just contact me at 546-3244 or

If you know me or know my work, you know how valuable this offer is. Please pass it along to your training managers or senior executives. We can all sit around, wring our hands, and lament about the “old days”. Or we can get off our asses, stop sniveling, and get ready for a brighter, better future!


Great Time at Delphi

Thursday, February 14th, 2008


I had the first of my two scheduled Great Presentations! seminars yesterday at DELPHI and it was great! 15 people and not a klunker in the bunch. Most were technical and manufacturing engineers and they proved a belief I have long held: give these techies a chance to be creative, and they’ll knock the snot out of so-called “creative” prima donnas.

In what could be a stress-filled day – standing before your peers and being analyzed on your presentation ability – they took it in stride with a lot of constructive comments, laughter, and insights. No one whined – and no one sniveled “we don’t do it like that.” – (No shit, Sherlock, that’s why I was asked to come today.)

I’ve invited them to this blog so they can have some fun, question my sanity (“Well, at least he can teach presentations…….”), and read and think about things which are quite different than all the numbers, data, and analysis they’re used to.

So Delphi friends, have some fun in these pages and please feel as welcome as you made me feel yesterday. Thank you.