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Another Reason I’m a Recovering Catholic

Monday, June 29th, 2009


I got into a typical, intellectually-bereft discussion with a few catholics who had been brainwashed into their ‘abortion is wrong’ conclusion – but couldn’t think of the reasons why. I brought up at least five solid, immediate ways we could  end three-quarters of abortions (no one – including me – thinks abortions are a great choice) but they gave me a confused, “Priest didn’t talk about this” look. Sorry, Sheeple. Back to the fields.

Do you want to know one reason I DESPISE the catholic Church?

Did you ever meet my brother, Joseph? No? Neither did I. He was born one year before me in 1949. He was born ‘stillborn’. My parents were crushed. Can you possibly imagine scrimping and saving for a bassinet and baby clothes, getting the the room ready and all – and then trying to find or borrow money for a baby casket and funeral?

My Mom wanted to be a nun. Thankfully (for me) she changed her mind. But she never stopped being a traditional catholic and was sorry when the “mass” went from Latin to English. So was I. It didn’t make any sense in Latin – it made less sense when I learned what they were trying to say in English.

Anyway, my parents planned their little white-casket baby funeral BUT Joseph couldn’t be buried in a catholic cemetery BECA– USE HE WASN’T BAPTIZED. Now maybe they could have dumped him in the dirt just outside the fence (cremation then not being a catholic “choice” in those days) – or in the backyard – but not in “consecrated” ground.

More bad news followed: Joseph had no chance to go to “Heaven” – he had to go to “Limbo”. Not the dance – but the low rent housing projects halfway to Heaven where you didn’t get a golden trumpet, you got a plastic kazoo.

My Mom was crushed. She prayed and prayed – but still believed. Then came Vatican II in the early ’60’s and they ABOLISHED LIMBO! Say what? No Limbo? Did Joseph get an ‘E’ ticket (no-waiting-Disneyland) to heaven? Uhhhh….don’t know. Not quite clear. My Mother lived with that the rest of her life – and STILL believed in a game where they change the rules when your money is already on the table.

What’s that you say? Don’t I believe in the Pope, the Cardinals, the Robins, and the Pigeons? I sure DO! Just as much as I believe in Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, Ernest Angely, and the late, Dr. Gene Scott.