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Living in Luxury (Hotels)

Friday, November 28th, 2008

I love staying in fine hotels. And I’m a lot more sophisticated at it than I was 30-years ago when a friend and I stayed at the Four Seasons in Toronto. We arrived late, so after checking in, we found our own room and opened the door. To our dismay, we saw chocolates and flower petals on the turn-downed bed.

I immediately called the front desk clerk to say we had been placed in someone else’s room and they had already used it! He kindly reassured me that yes, this was our room and the maid had turned down our bed and also put fresh ice in the crystal “bucket” to welcome us. Good professional service people have a tremendous talent to stop you from feeling like an ass – even if you pull off a dumb-ass move.

These days there are two things that knock me out about the best hotels: 24-hour, Full-Menu & Bar Room Service and GLEAMING bathrooms. The “facilities” are sometimes SO sparkling, I hesitate to brush my teeth in them – much less do anything else.

One day when I was killing time in my room before I had to speak, I asked the maid how she make could make the bathtub and sink shine so brilliantly? At first she just giggled and pretended not to speak English. Not surprisingly, a greenish portrait of Alexander Hamilton (discretely folded and handed to her while maintaining eye contact) helped her develop an impressive second language fluency and an ability to give up the secret.

The secret? Scrubbing the tubs and sinks with a heavy, DRY terry cloth hand towel WHILE THE FIXTURES ARE STILL DRY. THEN use the disinfectant spray and shine to make them glisten. Well, of course! Why disinfect and shine dirt and grime?

Say anything you wish about my blog – but you can’t say you never learned anything here.