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Don’t Feel Sorry For Her – She’s Already Dead

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

To me, if your heart isn’t torn when you see an infant who has starved to death, you’re just a hairless ape. As a matter of fact, if the picture above doesn’t move you, why don’t you go to someone else’s Blog? I really don’t want you around mine.

Peoples’ minds must filter out most of what we see, hear, and feel – or else we would go mad. I get depressed when I see pictures like this – it’s hard for me to move on and leave the image behind. And then I remember a thought that’s even more depressing.

One of the strongest drives in human beings is the need to procreate – to carry on the species. It’s genetically hard wired in us and can never change. Which means if – by some miracle – this dead child were brought back to life and nursed to health and adulthood, one of the first things she would want to do – would NEED to do – is have MORE children. Pitifully, there will ALWAYS be an overpopulation of children who must have even more children whom they cannot feed – many of whom will starve to death.

And what can we do about it?  Absolutely nothing.

Uh……oh – sorry. Hey! How did the USA Womens’ Volleyball Team do at the Olympics?