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Stop Smoking or We Shoot the Kid

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Anti-Smoking ads are becoming crazier – and more annoying. I’ve never smoked – but I support an adult’s freedom of choice. I don’t think we should “protect” adults from themselves. But screaming, histrionic anti-smoking freaks don’t agree. I think it’s fine to discuss the dangers and foolishness of smoking in schools – but these nuts have gone way too far! For them, Smoking Ends! justify the means.

On TV, I’ve seen enough rotting lungs, amputated limbs, and dismal doctors delivering devastating diagnosis’s to last me a lifetime which, I’m told, will go on much longer without those little cancer sticks- maybe. OK – I get it. But these damn campaigns won’t quit in a race to shock and shame smokers with grosser and grosser ads.

The latest? A television spot showing a little boy and his Mom in a crowded train station. Mom walks away. Kid is surrounded by hurrying adults. Abandoned kid bursts out crying and the idiot announcer says something like “this is a child without his Mother for a few seconds. Imagine how he would feel if she were to leave forever.”

The best? Although the little kid and his Mom are actors, the Mom REALLY DID walk away and the kid REALLY DID burst out crying – all caught on the 5 running cameras. Oh well, what’s a little kid’s panic compared to saving people from the perils of smoking?

I think I have a better idea since we’re sliding down this slope anyway. Instead of bullying small children, why don’t these fanatical, anti-smoking terrorists agree to commit suicide on live TV if a certain number of people quit smoking? We could call it, “We’ll Quit Living If You Quit Smoking.”

I’d call that a “Win-Win” for everyone.


Skip Away. Part 3.

Monday, January 21st, 2008


Tomorrow, January 22, 2008, is the last day for commercials by the infamous, still smoking, antismoking smokesperson, “Skip” Legault. I’m not a smoker but I’m glad to see him go. The antismoking campaign seems to have shifted into a histrionic, “worse than death” mode. Other commercials feature the operation tools of amputation, close-ups of gangrened feet, and hysterical kids making heart-wrenching appeals to Mommy and Daddy not to leave them orphans.

When fanatics start running the asylum, it’s time to reconsider the message. Gross-out commercials are insulting to the three out of four of us who DON’T smoke – in addition to adult smokers who do.

But they “work” you might think. Wrong. Today roughly the same percentage of people smoke who have always smoked: 1 out of 4 adults. Despite the skyrocketing cost of cigarettes, throwing smokers outside in the middle of winter, making them feel like social lepers, scaring their kids, and insulting them with nitwit commercials, millions of people still light up.

Of course much of this continuing habit is addiction (which has NEVER been cured by screaming and cursing at addicts) but I’d like to think there’s another part of it. The part when people say, “I’m a thinking, grown-up American and I’ll make my own decisions in life, thank you. I’m sick of the government continually telling me what to do and what not to do . So butt out, Big Brother, go pick on someone your own size!”