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America IS A Bully

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will call America a “bully” during his speech  today before the UN. Old Cold Warriors will shake their fists, jump up and down, and call him all sorts of names.

The problem is … he’s right.

What gives the United States the right to meddle in other sovereign nation’s affairs?  The days of setting up US puppets for inexpensive oil and cheap bananas are over. Haven’t we learned enough from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and Syria to know that?

What problems do we have with the Iranian people? Everyone likes to remember the horror of 911 but forget most of the terrorists came from Saudi Arabia, our good buddy in the Mideast. If Israel has problems with Iran building a nuclear weapon, let Israel take care of it. If Japan wants to fight China over some insignificant islands, have at it. Why must the US be involved?

Try to imagine this:  what if we lived in a world with a huge superpower that demanded it could say how we could defend ourselves. What if it said “You’re going to do it OUR way. You can do it the easy way (as we impose economic sanctions trying to starve you into acceptance) or the hard way (by us militarily squashing you like a bug.) Either way, you are going to do it OUR way!”

If this ever happened, I hope every American would do anything he could to hate, terrorize, sabotage, and ultimately defeat this bully.

Why is it any different when America is the bully?