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2000 But Who’s Counting?

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

The 2000th American was killed last week in Afghanistan. It kind of slipped by me.  For years, I got up most mornings at 5:00 AM to put the updated casualty numbers in the Comments section of our local paper.  I wanted the stats to be the first thing a reader saw when he turned to that page.

I did it so Americans wouldn’t forget that our soldiers were fighting and dying every single day in two worthless sand traps. I took a lot of shit for it – especially from the Right wing. Many said I was being disrespectful to our troops.

I knew my efforts wouldn’t do any good. Most Americans don’t care anyway. The US war machine is far more powerful than a country of easily-conned, yahoo voters.

So I’ve given up trying to change things which will never change.  My blood pressure is much lower and I’m enjoying the summer without even thinking of war death and carnage – just like any good, patriotic American.

And now I’ll go back to tanning, reading a mystery novel,  and wondering if it’s a little too early to add vodka to my iced orange juice.