Stuck In The Sand


The United States has been meddling in the Mideast for over a century. For us, it should be called “The Meddle East” or “The Muddle East.”  America supports governments which supposedly favor us (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan) and war with countries which don’t (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.)  We justify our war machine under the ridiculous umbrella of ‘human rights’ and hope no one asks about the Sauds and the Pakis. 

When little countries like Cuba and North Korea crush peoples’ freedom, we wave our fists and throw hissy shits. When countries our own size like China and Russia roll over people, we launch more diplomacy, talks, and bribes. This is the classic definition of a bully: “beat on small foes who can’t or won’t fight back.”

Now the government of Yemen has been overthrown and State Department officials are wringing their hands.  “One of our best allies in the Mideast,” they moan, “Our partner in the war against terrorism!” What a crock of horseshit. The only good thing about the overthrown government was that it was probably better than the new people grabbing for power. They’ve already said they hate the United States.

When will these wars end?  Never.

Rand Paul said it best: we’re in a “perpetual state of war.”  There’s too much money to be made in it to stop. And the wealthy give to election campaigns to continually elect officials who keep the war machine running. America’s economy DEPENDS on war and there’s no realistic end to it.

Perpetual state of war

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